Sunday, March 11, 2007

10th March, Chess Avatar Game

Yesterday, Our white chess team has lost the battle for first time.

Chess avatar game is an event that been held from time to time, there 32 persons are wearing chess pieces outfits, and walk in a very huge chess ground. It has nothing to do with harry potter's but it looks some how as that style, or as Alice in wonderland. It is happened that I am the leader of white chess team, which has won the first 3 games, and it has lost the game of yesterday.

Even though, the game of yesterday was really the favourite game in my opinion; because yesterday we - as white team - has really met a challenge. We started playing with out our Queen's side Knight, and we were been the black, so - positionally - by start white was having clear advantge and it didn't need much effort to have also a ground control. it was

only a matter of time. We played and cooperated, I remember when I was castling that i felt like I am in a serious thing, not just a game. And I wondered why I felt so!

It is because the white team symbolizes the cooperation of many people from different countries, from different places of our world. there is no one pays them to do what they did yesterday, we are not relatives or from one land, but we are loving each others and thought to make something togather, no matter if it is a game! the matter is that we were all struggling and we needed to win, we all loved our team and loved to keep being the winners.

When i gave a check to the Red King's i found the Queen is in it's place, so the Queen has captured my queen. It is the first time I see white queen at E1 and King at D1. The judge said it is ok because the game is held based on blitz, I believed and still believe it is a wrong; because no blitz game is 30:30 ( review wikipedia if you are new in chess ), but on other hand, but in same time the judge said it is written in the avatar chess game rules from first. That means the judge is not wrong, but for normal chess, white team is really a winner. On other hand, I thought may be that game was a good reason for us to understand about the feelings we had in that game. And may be to suggest some modifications in the avatar chess rules. Nonetheless, I was expecting the red team to say something polite like: you played better but we won. So I had to make it clear that the game is considered a winning game for white because they made an illegal move, but for the chess avatar rules, it is their game.

All of that confusions is not important, the important part here is how can we co-operate now to not let that confusion happen again. It is important to not avoid the whole game because we have some disagreement, it is important to keep being united because we say an important message: second life is not only cyber sex plat form, or a game engine. it is a visual communication platform, that can be used to teach our selves how to collect each others on one word, how to make peace and love each others, because if we can make it by our art and brains, i am sure we can make it in the rest of our real and second life.