Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why are so many avatars in SL human?

Meeting TOPIC:
16 July 2008 | 3rd life meeting

  • Why are so many avatars in SL human?
  • We have the chance to be anything we want...yet we choose human avatars!
  • What does that say about us?
  • What avatars do you find compelling? Why?
  • Which avatars put you off?

Chat Session:
[14:00] You: it is nice to have u all in the meeting today ladies and gentlemen
[14:00] Buffy Munro: taking me ages to rezz lately
[14:00] You: I am honored to do my best to host this meeting..

[14:01] You: she does a good job in preparing the stuff
[14:01] You: and our dj antony is not here today
[14:01] Sidda Leigh: hey tony!
[14:01] Buffy Munro: Hi Antony
[14:01] You: i guess he is not in sl today
[14:01] Sidda Leigh: lol ahmad
[14:01] You: because he is busy with some work
[14:01] You: with my friend sidda
[14:01] You: and i never lie
[14:01] You: lol
[14:01] Antony Chihuly: ma here lol
[14:01] You: oh hey Antony!
[14:01] You: u are back
[14:01] Antony Chihuly: lol
[14:01] You: have a seat then
[14:01] You: d u want to dj?
[14:01] You: im me if that is the case
[14:02] Antony Chihuly: i can if you like me too ahamd yeah
[14:02] You: now ..
[14:02] Buffy Munro: lmao
[14:02] You: what about we start the meeting?
[14:02] Josie Anderton: not on me
[14:02] Alex54 Zsigmond: damn good music
[14:02] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol
[14:02] Josie Anderton: lol
[14:02] Antony Chihuly: yeah just had a few rl things to sort and went a bit over

Q:Why are so many avatars in SL human if we have the chance to be anything we want?

[14:03] Buffy Munro: because we are conformists
[14:03] Buffy Munro: im not sat on anyone am i?
[14:03] Josie Anderton: I never thought about being anything different
[14:03] Momand Papp: We probably feel that we need no fit in with others.
[14:03] Alex54 Zsigmond: Because that is what is available at the stores???
[14:03] Sidda Leigh: ahahah
[14:03] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol
[14:03] Alex54 Zsigmond: I think i know why
[14:03] Josie Anderton: though I do go round with some ears and a tail on sometimes
[14:03] Buffy Munro: lol
[14:03] madison Tureaud: I think its the way SL is driven .....the whole concept of SL ...society etc
[14:03] Antony Chihuly: room for a little one
[14:03] Antony Chihuly: a bit neko josie ?
[14:04] Josie Anderton: ooh yeah
[14:04] madison Tureaud: ***LLOOLL***
[14:04] Alex54 Zsigmond: FOr ONe thing...sex balls are designed for human bodies
[14:04] Josie Anderton: I like Neko
[14:04] Antony Chihuly: i love neko am gettign into it
[14:04] (PKC) Flexi Black Panther Tail-{Cyber Tail}-: Liberty Juran stands back turned near Ahmad Hosho while swatting the tail against leg in attempt to get attention from Ahmad Hosho
[14:04] You: i want to say something, when we firstly logged in sl, we saw all of them avatars as human, but what if we saw it like animals, human, aliens, tinnies, etc, would our decision about being human the same?

[14:04] Josie Anderton: I have some friends who are furries
[14:04] Sidda Leigh: thank god
[14:04] Sidda Leigh: good question ahmad
[14:04] Momand Papp: I am indifferent.
[14:04] Josie Anderton: well aquantences more like
[14:04] madison Tureaud: Well when you are given a choice Ahmad ..then you can be selective !!!!
[14:04] Sidda Leigh: we were introduced as humans to sl
[14:04] Buffy Munro: ish
[14:05] Sidda Leigh: but u have such a choice
[14:05] Sidda Leigh: and most stay
[14:05] madison Tureaud: only a seceted few from the beginning ?
[14:05] Sidda Leigh: however i have lots of avatars but usually am human
[14:05] madison Tureaud: Now we have the choice ...as we explore
[14:05] Momand Papp: What about robots?
[14:05] Momand Papp: I have been a robot for a long time.
[14:05] Alex54 Zsigmond: right there...that keeps me human
[14:05] You: momand .. robots with feelings :)
[14:05] Josie Anderton: cool
[14:05] Liberty Juran: maybe they wanna be a bigger and better human
[14:05] Sidda Leigh: are u human more than another avatar?
[14:06] Momand Papp: Eh.
[14:06] Alex54 Zsigmond: I think also... that because (especially for women) we can have our fantasy bodies and wear wear fantasy clothes... like totally outrageously sexy things ... like Paris Hilton
[14:06] Momand Papp: I change for business.
[14:06] Buffy Munro: no i think i always wanted to be human
[14:06] Antony Chihuly: yeah i agree ahmad if it had been different from the beginning
[14:06] Sidda Leigh: why do u change for business
[14:06] Sidda Leigh: i have ahmad
[14:06] Antony Chihuly: i have a question what about people who have alts of different sex
[14:06] Momand Papp: Well.
[14:06] Sidda Leigh: hello Barney!
[14:06] You: but all of us are human today
[14:06] Momand Papp: A suit is much more professional.
[14:06] Barney Boomslang: so who was it who wanted to be a glowing orb? :)
[14:06] Sidda Leigh: but this is SL?
[14:06] You: hello barney.. hmmm.. i mean not all of us of course..
[14:06] You: lol
[14:07] Josie Anderton: you are right Sidda
[14:07] Josie Anderton: here you can be anything you want to be
[14:07] Sidda Leigh: :)
[14:07] Momand Papp: Still.
[14:07] Sidda Leigh: right
[14:07] Momand Papp: Opinions are just as easily influenced.
[14:07] Josie Anderton: so why don't we do that?
[14:07] You: did u try to social with another avatar than a human in all Your sl?
[14:07] You: yes i will personally social in this meeting with one of my tiny avatars right now
[14:07] Alex54 Zsigmond: i still say.. sex balls and clothes... that is why...end of story
[14:07] Sidda Leigh: im just asking momand
[14:07] Josie Anderton: ooooh I gotta go
[14:07] Josie Anderton: might come back shortly
[14:07] Josie Anderton: keep my seat warm
[14:07] Buffy Munro: lol
[14:08] Momand Papp: No.
[14:08] Barney Boomslang would like to point out that he _is_ what he wants to be. allmost allways :)
[14:08] Alex54 Zsigmond starts sweating... feeling hot on her left side
[14:08] Buffy Munro: when i first saw Ahmad when he changed his looks i was quite shocked! But why?! this is Sl
[14:08] You: what barney said about me too
[14:09] Momand Papp: As much as we dislike it, looks still play a large role in SL society.
[14:09] Buffy Munro: hahaha
[14:09] Antony Chihuly: yeah well its right sl is for fantasy where you can live it out so why not be what you want to be
[14:09] Sidda Leigh: u dont think u will be taken seriously if u are not human then?
[14:09] Momand Papp: First impressions can be everything.

[14:09] Barney Boomslang nods
[14:09] Alex54 Zsigmond: totallyI have a fat avi, which looks more like i do in RL
[14:09] Buffy Munro: i was worried what that thing over your eye was going to do lmao
[14:09] Antony Chihuly: i have always modelled this avi on myself now i am thinking why why didnt i model it on soemthing else lol
[14:09] Sidda Leigh: if we did not have human avatars....do u think people whould work to make their non human avatars sexy?
[14:09] Momand Papp: Know what all too odd?
[14:09] You: i would excepect to be taken as part of fun in sl, that doesn't take sl so serious
[14:09] Alex54 Zsigmond: and the response is QUITE different
[14:09] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol
[14:09] Alex54 Zsigmond: i am still the smae person
[14:09] Momand Papp: Well.
[14:09] madison Tureaud: I think people come to Sl for different reasons .....
[14:10] You: beside i always dreamd to be batman any way
[14:10] You: just my luck came with a little short batman
[14:10] Buffy Munro: lol
[14:10] Sidda Leigh: tony r u going neko?
[14:10] Momand Papp: No one is fat on SL
[14:10] You: i didnt know i shocked u lol
[14:10] Alex54 Zsigmond: YES they are
[14:10] You: i have a fat friend
[14:10] Buffy Munro: aww u look cuter than ever! lol
[14:10] Antony Chihuly: nah i dont think so sidda but i have been looking at all the stuff they have it is quite cool
[14:10] Alex54 Zsigmond: i have been in club with fat strippers
[14:10] Sidda Leigh: but the point is that most people choose an ideal
[14:10] Alex54 Zsigmond: some guys/gals like fat bodies
[14:10] Momand Papp: Most are tan fit, models.
[14:10] Alex54 Zsigmond: just like in RL
[14:11] Alex54 Zsigmond: right like i said earlier
[14:11] madison Tureaud: I keep it real
[14:11] Momand Papp: I saw the first fat avatar the other day.
[14:11] Alex54 Zsigmond: it is about sex and clothes
[14:11] madison Tureaud: I think once again its the Driven Society
[14:11] madison Tureaud: yes
[14:11] Buffy Munro: i think it depends what u do in sl, I surf as a pro in sl so i have the body that fits a surfer lol
[14:11] Sidda Leigh: i dont think sl is totally about sex and clothes

Ahmad Hosho add a topic now, and it has something to do with what you are discussing now guys: ! What does that say about us?
[14:11] Sidda Leigh: not for all
[14:11] Momand Papp: Because thats what theve always wanted to be.
[14:11] Alex54 Zsigmond: i can wear mini skirts and hip boots and wear what i always wanted too here
[14:11] Alex54 Zsigmond: in RL
[14:11] Momand Papp: I use SL for a building tool.
[14:11] Momand Papp: Not as much as a social tool.
[14:11] madison Tureaud: Well for one thing .....your true colors come out in the end !!!
[14:11] Ahmad Hosho can wear pants and suits on this avatar as well.
[14:12] Buffy Munro: lol
[14:12] Barney Boomslang: I'm obviously not in for sex and clothes. glowing little suns don't have much need for sex and clothes ;)
[14:12] You: u can have whatever avatar, and make clothes for it
[14:12] Antony Chihuly: agreed madison
[14:12] Alex54 Zsigmond: Well i will guarantee that clothing probablly makes the most money in SL
[14:12] Sidda Leigh: or a blonde wig ahmad
[14:12] Momand Papp: I am reporting what I have seen.
[14:12] Antony Chihuly: they do that lol
[14:12] madison Tureaud: no matter how much you may change your avai
[14:12] Momand Papp: I have a lot of avatars.
[14:12] madison Tureaud: In the end ......you will see the True person
[14:12] Momand Papp: Of course.
[14:12] Sidda Leigh: so SL shows us that one aspect of humanity is vanity
[14:12] Buffy Munro: haha
[14:12] madison Tureaud: or at the beginning ...lol..
[14:12] Antony Chihuly: well more there mannerisms madison
[14:13] You: my true color comes in the end? omg, u mean they know my secret identity?
[14:13] Sidda Leigh: by our choice of using avatars as we do
[14:13] Momand Papp: A conversation lets more into the person then anything.
[14:13] Florecita Zabaleta is Online
[14:13] madison Tureaud: Absolutely ...
[14:13] Antony Chihuly: oh i dunno about that sidda am not a vain person just like looking in mirrors a lot
[14:13] Buffy Munro: but some people hide behind the avi so will u really see the true person?
[14:13] Antony Chihuly: yeah buffy lots do that
[14:13] madison Tureaud: well that depends ...
[14:13] You: ok let me ask each one of u a question, if u are not going to be a human in SL, what will be your plan B? and why?
[14:14] Sidda Leigh: well there are many plan Bs tho ahmad
[14:14] Alex54 Zsigmond: Well in RL, even though i am fat i can connect with ppl on many modalities.. here all you have is your looks and words..and if you are not good with words... you have alot of trouble doing well here in SL

[14:14] madison Tureaud: Plan B ?
[14:14] Momand Papp: A robot.
[14:14] Buffy Munro: I wouldnt want to be anything else
[14:14] madison Tureaud: Just be yourself !!!!
[14:14] Buffy Munro: lol
[14:14] madison Tureaud: ***LLOOLL***
[14:14] You: Buffy, u are cultured and reading a lot of fiction, come on.. i know u have something in ur mind
[14:14] Antony Chihuly: if i had a choice i would be a tornado or a comet
[14:14] madison Tureaud: unless you are into some sort of Roleplay or w/e
[14:15] Buffy Munro: no really i dont, i wouldnt change the Munro now
[14:15] Buffy Munro: lol
[14:15] Momand Papp: I have met so many munros on SL
[14:15] You: so a munro lady, or no SL?
[14:15] Buffy Munro: haha
[14:15] Antony Chihuly: tho i did find a cool skeleton skin the other day
[14:15] Buffy Munro: we breed
[14:15] Alex54 Zsigmond: I haven't changed my shape or look since i stared
[14:15] Buffy Munro: lmao
[14:15] madison Tureaud: OMG Pablo had one
[14:15] Alex54 Zsigmond: started*
[14:15] Momand Papp: Whats the deal with skinds?
[14:15] Antony Chihuly: me neither alex had this skin since i changed from noob skin
[14:15] Momand Papp: *skinds
[14:16] Alex54 Zsigmond: i think i upgraded my skin once
[14:16] Momand Papp: *skins
[14:16] Alex54 Zsigmond: when i saw RAC lol
[14:16] Buffy Munro: someone bought me this skin and i never changed it
[14:16] madison Tureaud: I have one avi .......one skin .....since Noobie
[14:16] Momand Papp: Another question:
[14:16] Momand Papp: Why not outsiders dislike SL so much?
[14:16] Momand Papp: *do
[14:17] madison Tureaud: misinformed ?
[14:17] Alex54 Zsigmond: what do you mean?
[14:17] Momand Papp: Most think it is a waste of life/time.
[14:17] Momand Papp: "WHy not do it in RL" they say
[14:17] madison Tureaud: well people tend to not like things they know nothing about ?!?!?
[14:17] You: i heared a lot of outsiders say: " SL is a 3d chat room "
[14:17] Alex54 Zsigmond: well i think playing videos games and watching TV is a waste of time
[14:17] Antony Chihuly: yeah well to begin with ahmad they are right
[14:17] Alex54 Zsigmond: iit IS a 3D chat room
[14:17] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol
[14:18] Antony Chihuly: but then it develops as you learn more
[14:18] Momand Papp: No.
[14:18] Sidda Leigh: it is yes but it has such great potential
[14:18] madison Tureaud: I think it can be used as a speaking forum ...not so much a 3d chat ..although it is virtual
[14:18] Momand Papp: I have days where I hardly say a word
[14:18] Sidda Leigh: its interesting how it is being used
[14:18] You: so the builders and artists are from the 3d part or from the room part?
[14:18] Sidda Leigh: it is more than a chat room for sure
[14:18] madison Tureaud: I agree
[14:18] Sidda Leigh: there are so many possibilities
[14:18] Momand Papp: No doubt.
[14:18] Buffy Munro: this will sound a bit controversial, but friends of mine who dont use SL dont get it, these are people that have no probs in there RL

[14:18] Buffy Munro: their*
[14:18] Antony Chihuly: we spoke of sl in my dgree course i am doing last week
[14:18] Momand Papp: of course.
[14:19] You: but i have no problem in my RL too lol
[14:19] Sidda Leigh: evenone here does not have prob in rl
[14:19] Sidda Leigh: lol
[14:19] Antony Chihuly: the tutor was horrified that people use it so much
[14:19] Momand Papp: Everyone has problems.
[14:19] Buffy Munro: well i do i guess and sl is a way for me to escape
[14:19] madison Tureaud: I have no issues in RL either ...
[14:19] Barney Boomslang: people are allways horrified about something or other
[14:19] Momand Papp: No one is perfect.
[14:19] Antony Chihuly: and all the rest of the class was like my god it must be full of people just after sex and stuff
[14:19] Antony Chihuly: i kept quiet lol
[14:19] Buffy Munro: lol
[14:19] Alex54 Zsigmond looks at Ahmad
[14:19] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol
[14:19] Barney Boomslang: I don't see why they should be horrified about SL usage and not for example excessive stamp collecting or other weird stuff

[14:19] madison Tureaud: But I am glad people can find comfort here :):)
[14:20] Momand Papp: It can be an escape.
[14:20] Antony Chihuly: i thnk its because its new and people dotn understand
[14:20] Momand Papp: From everyday troubles.
[14:20] Florecita Zabaleta is Online
[14:20] Sidda Leigh: good point barney
[14:20] Barney Boomslang: everything can be an "escape"
[14:20] Antony Chihuly: and people fear things they dont understand
[14:20] Momand Papp: People think it's nerdy.
[14:20] madison Tureaud: hahahah
[14:20] Barney Boomslang: but really: what kind of _scary_ escape is it when you meet up with people and chat with them?
[14:20] Antony Chihuly: so we are all geeks lol
[14:20] Sidda Leigh: but its fascinating to me how we fashion ourselves here as well as
[14:20] Barney Boomslang: in my book it's silly to allways do this "hooo, booo, SL is bad and you sh ouldn't do that so much" stuff
[14:21] Sidda Leigh: the many cultures that are here
[14:21] Sidda Leigh: together
[14:21] You: well, i have a small theory: people - not all but most of them - are using this life, as a successful copy of their real life, instead of exploring second life capabilities to integrate something creative, original, new out of all it's features.

[14:21] Antony Chihuly: one thing i have learned to type so much quicker since being on here
[14:21] Momand Papp: POLL: name your ethnicity and race
[14:21] Sidda Leigh: i agree ahmad
[14:21] Buffy Munro: hahaha
[14:21] Antony Chihuly: my assignments take no time at all when working on them lol
[14:21] Sidda Leigh: it is safe to use a human avatar
[14:21] Sidda Leigh: it is something u know
[14:21] Barney Boomslang: is it safe?
[14:21] madison Tureaud: hmmm ...
[14:21] Sidda Leigh: i dont mean from a security standpoint
[14:21] Momand Papp: I'm caucasion
[14:21] Barney Boomslang: I know that I was hit on by both girls and guys much more when I still was a human-like avatar :)
[14:22] Sidda Leigh: i mean emotionally
[14:22] Barney Boomslang: dammit, even my gargoyle gets offers far mor often than for example my iron stove or nightstands ...
[14:22] You: well when i converted to human, i found that i have to deal with some new aspects of my SL :D
[14:22] Antony Chihuly: dopeople not take you serious then ahmad when your not of hman form?
[14:22] You: btw, i lived nearly most of my sl as a tiny.. i just converted to human at late 2007
[14:22] You: tony .. no .. but they are less talktaive when u are a tiny.
[14:23] Antony Chihuly: do you get as many woman chasing you when a tiny
[14:23] Alex54 Zsigmond: well first you have to LOOK DOWN and see them....
[14:23] You: antony: if the woman is not a builder, artist, scripter, etc. she would never talk or chat
[14:24] You: and btw, when i was a tiger, i worked as a stripper dancer at a friend's club.
[14:24] Antony Chihuly: think am gonna be a tiny lol
[14:24] madison Tureaud: ***LLOOLL***
[14:24] You: and that made people interested to know me cause it was funny.
[14:24] Apollonia Bertolucci is Offline
[14:24] You: but .. they were asking where is ur human avatar?
[14:24] Alex54 Zsigmond: you were a stripper???
[14:24] madison Tureaud: I have the wofl avai ( white)
[14:24] Alex54 Zsigmond faints
[14:24] Barney Boomslang: I wish people would start to be something else than human more often. sure, not everything works with every avatar, but restricting to human is boring

[14:24] Antony Chihuly: i had a frog avi but that was for a halloween party once
[14:25] You: alex: yes a tiny tiger/lion stripper. 2 days, and the club manager has fired me lol
[14:25] Alex54 Zsigmond: suddenly ALex is horny for batamn
[14:25] Antony Chihuly: became a mare getting it off and puttign human one back on
[14:25] madison Tureaud: hahahaha
[14:25] Buffy Munro: i am not bored as a human avi
[14:25] madison Tureaud: I think people can be w/e they want
[14:25] Antony Chihuly: hey where did sidda go
[14:25] Alex54 Zsigmond: me either, i just like meeting people, no matter what shape
[14:25] Juicy Devin is Online
[14:25] madison Tureaud: if they are comfortable in an animal avi so be it
[14:25] You: a wolf has eaten sidda
[14:25] Sidda Leigh: actually............a fox
[14:25] Antony Chihuly: i feel like little red riding hood sat here now sidda
[14:26] Sidda Leigh: hehe
[14:26] Alex54 Zsigmond thinks something perverted

[14:26] You: ok, let me ask a question: is changing ur human avatar going to affect ur sl communcation level?
[14:26] madison Tureaud: I like the ROBOT ....
[14:26] Sidda Leigh: depends on who u are trying to talk TO ahmad
[14:26] madison Tureaud: nahhhhh
[14:26] Liberty Juran is Offline
[14:26] Alex54 Zsigmond: don't know, never done it
[14:26] Sidda Leigh: for me....i enjoy talking to all types
[14:26] Sidda Leigh: i think some people are put off
[14:26] madison Tureaud: b/c you have already established your friendships
[14:27] You: madison u are killing me, try to take my side one time from the start of the conversation ( lol jk jk )
[14:27] Momand Papp: Furries seem to be in their 20's almost always.
[14:27] Sidda Leigh: im speaking of meeting someone new
[14:27] Alex54 Zsigmond: but i KNOW i wouldn't make money as a stripper.. no one is gonna tip me to see my wiring and bolts
[14:27] madison Tureaud: lo
[14:27] Sahar Irata is Online
[14:27] Sidda Leigh: thank you so much momand
[14:27] Barney Boomslang: alex: try it :)
[14:27] Sidda Leigh: hehehehe
[14:27] Antony Chihuly: what is a furry then
[14:27] Sidda Leigh: YAY!
[14:27] Sidda Leigh: 20s!
[14:27] You: ok
[14:27] You: madison
[14:27] Liberty Juran is Online
[14:27] Barney Boomslang: ahmad: not mine. but well, I guess p eople are used to me being something weird every now and then
[14:27] madison Tureaud: Sometimes maybe people see animals as more approachable ?!??!?
[14:28] madison Tureaud: I have no idea ?!?!? I would talk to anyone
[14:28] You: madison: if i changed my avatar, will ur feelings change about communcating with me? will u feel the same degree of comfortability?
[14:28] madison Tureaud: hahahahah
[14:28] madison Tureaud: Pfft !!! I already know u !!!
[14:28] You: Barney: i agree
[14:28] You: ok lets have an experince madison
[14:28] You: muahahaha
[14:28] madison Tureaud: k
[14:29] Antony Chihuly: lol whats this barney
[14:29] Barney Boomslang: alex, anthony: come on, change :)
[14:29] Barney Boomslang: antony: it's an avatar.
[14:29] You: lets see if u can handle this!
[14:29] madison Tureaud: w/eeeeeeee
[14:29] Antony Chihuly: will it take me forever to change back lol
[14:29] You: :D
[14:29] Sidda Leigh: tg ahmad turned off his face light rofl
[14:29] Antony Chihuly: jesus lol
[14:29] madison Tureaud: hahahaha
[14:29] Barney Boomslang: antony: it's just a fun tiny - the minitaur!
[14:29] Momand Papp: OH YEAHHHHHH
[14:29] Antony Chihuly: kk
[14:29] Buffy Munro: haha
[14:30] madison Tureaud: Rl laughing
[14:30] You: ok madison i am ready to talk
[14:30] madison Tureaud: ok
[14:30] You: dont poke me btw
[14:30] You: i may get blind
[14:30] madison Tureaud: you know me better Ahmad ...the fearless one :P
[14:30] Lyna Princess is Offline
[14:30] You: she has something to do with fear now
[14:30] You: good one antony lol
[14:30] madison Tureaud: well b/c you are a giant RED EYEBALL
[14:31] Sidda Leigh: a bloody one
[14:31] Sidda Leigh: lol tony
[14:31] madison Tureaud: yea
[14:31] You: ok i will keep like that then the whole conversation
[14:31] You: hope u dont mind guys
[14:31] Sidda Leigh: next question ahmad?
[14:31] You: i know buffy minds
[14:31] madison Tureaud: ***LLOOLL***
[14:32] Sidda Leigh: tony lol
[14:32] Barney Boomslang: but really - it's interesting howw many people stick to "normal" - even if they go animalish, they often just go anthropomorphic
[14:32] Buffy Munro: what do i mind?
[14:32] Barney Boomslang: antony: you need to attach all parts of the folder
[14:32] Sidda Leigh: its ok im not looking at u
[14:32] Sidda Leigh: true barney
[14:32] Ahmad Hosho tells the next question: What avatars do you find compelling? Why?
[14:32] Sidda Leigh: actually i dont see that many that are on all fours
[14:32] You: i am already wearing one of best avatars i got in sl
[14:32] Barney Boomslang: I love the completely nuts ones most - like total abstract ones or inanimate object ones
[14:33] Alex54 Zsigmond is thinking her wood is geting charred by the Barney Sun
[14:33] Sidda Leigh: i enjoy seeing complex avatars made of art or scientific ones...and i like your ahmad
[14:33] You: also my african skin avatar
[14:33] Mara Chevalier is Online
[14:33] Antony Chihuly: there we go
[14:33] Sidda Leigh: yes i enjoy that one u have
[14:33] Sidda Leigh: it is different from anything i see here
[14:33] You: u like mine? the current one i am wearing?
[14:33] Barney Boomslang: I often look at things and think "well, that _looks_ a bit like with some additions it could feel like something alive" - and then make an avatar out of that
[14:33] Circe Broom is Offline
[14:33] Sidda Leigh: and its nice to see what people choose to fashion their avatars with
[14:33] madison Tureaud: Well thats a tough question .....b/c I dont like certain avais per say .. i dont go around looking for the "PERFECT AVAI "
[14:34] Sidda Leigh: speaks of their personailty or mood
[14:34] You: yes barney is a great avatar artist, and he creats a lot of styles: children book style, steampunk, old stuff, etc
[14:34] Barney Boomslang: antiny; yiz need to disable your AO, too, it clashes with the tiny ao
[14:34] Antony Chihuly: i have it off
[14:34] madison Tureaud: it never dawned on me to have a certain look ....or certain style
[14:34] You: as long as u are ok now madison
[14:34] You: but dont poke
[14:35] Zeta Pieck is Offline
[14:35] Ahmad Hosho tells the next question: Which avatars put you off?
[14:35] madison Tureaud: its like I told ahmad ..it depends on the perosn really ?!?!?!? Like you are a person who pays great attention to Detail Ahmad
[14:35] madison Tureaud: me pfft !!
[14:35] Barney Boomslang: antony: well, you8r hands and legs poke out still - at least on my screen - usually that's the sign that there is a clash of AOs. could be the shoes or some other attachment.
[14:35] Buffy Munro: eyeballs
[14:35] Momand Papp: I'm trans
[14:35] You: i do art too madison lol
[14:35] Antony Chihuly: kk
[14:35] madison Tureaud: Yes
[14:35] You: lol buffy
[14:35] Buffy Munro: haha
[14:35] madison Tureaud: and it reflects the person u are :)
[14:36] Sidda Leigh: well
[14:36] Sidda Leigh: not all my avatars reflect the person i am rofl
[14:36] Buffy Munro: well i couldnt dance with u like that, well i could but it would be weird
[14:36] Ahmad Hosho sets on madison's lab
[14:36] Momand Papp: I love how you can be a girl
[14:36] madison Tureaud: well my wolf is a animal forum .......but my mind is human !!!!! haahahahhaha
[14:36] Sidda Leigh: nice music i say again
[14:37] Ahmad Hosho tells another question: may be SL lag and the slow of rezzing avatars, doesn't help much in exploring different avatars.
[14:37] Momand Papp: umm
[14:37] You: i mean if i decided to live my sl as a wolf at morning, and a giant at afternoon, and an eyeball at evening.. and w/e at whenever.. so i have to change a lot.
[14:37] Barney Boomslang: yes, it is a bit of a problem - of course non-human or non-humanoid avatars are limited by the SL bugs and problems - and the very limited avatar model
[14:38] madison Tureaud: True ...
[14:38] Barney Boomslang: and the switching of avatars - it's not told people how to do efficiently
[14:38] Momand Papp: Alex
[14:38] You: So SL has a share in this cultre then.
[14:38] Alex54 Zsigmond: well ... like if i wanted to kis Ahmad... i wouldn't know where to put my lips right now
[14:38] Antony Chihuly: oh i cant work it out sod it lol
[14:38] Momand Papp: Could I have that AV?
[14:38] Barney Boomslang: for example many people don't know that they can sort stuff in folders and use replace-outfit to switch quickly between different avatars
[14:38] You: lips disabled currently
[14:39] Buffy Munro: haha
[14:39] Barney Boomslang: alex: you don't have lips right now :P
[14:39] madison Tureaud: I didnt know that ?!?!?
[14:39] Alex54 Zsigmond: LOL i didn't make this Momand... soryy
[14:39] Alex54 Zsigmond: i have never tried to make an avatar
[14:39] Barney Boomslang: it's easy. you make prims and attach them.
[14:39] You: it is an abstract avatar alex, u are supposed to be that lady who has an art certificate :P
[14:39] You: u know it has lips
[14:40] Alex54 Zsigmond: i just never have bothers
[14:40] Antony Chihuly: omg sidda its the fuerer
[14:40] Alex54 Zsigmond: bothered*
[14:40] You: any way even picasso wouldn't think of making 2 abstract avatars kisses
[14:40] Sidda Leigh: no
[14:40] Sidda Leigh: this is WWI
[14:40] Sidda Leigh: lol
[14:40] Sidda Leigh: i would never wear nazi garb lol
[14:40] Antony Chihuly: well they where the master race apparently lol
[14:40] Ahmad Hosho tells another point: who at first place made all sl full of human so when we enter we find human.
[14:41] Alex54 Zsigmond: yes.. that is why they are ruling the planet...
[14:41] Barney Boomslang: stupid lindenlab. they provided only crap non-human avatars
[14:41] Barney Boomslang: and even now with the updated default avatars, they only took 2 from the 4 different avatars we provided them. silly folks.
[14:41] Maxine Klinger is Offline
[14:41] Alex54 Zsigmond: Well Barney, why not donate some really good ones to the cause?
[14:41] Robin Mapp is Offline
[14:41] Barney Boomslang: we did
[14:41] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol
[14:41] Barney Boomslang: as I said, we provided 4 non-human avatars to lindenlab
[14:42] Antony Chihuly: hey ahmad wheres mollie
[14:42] You: i have a theory that a good share of sl cultre, is sat by lindenlabs, and i have to surprise u some how too that even casinos or making money by games that uses random numbers is a cultre lindens made firtsly before any one, even if they dont care to admit.
[14:42] Barney Boomslang: they took them, but only put two of them - and those only in single variant - in the library and default selection
[14:42] Lexi Seville is Online
[14:42] 2C Runo is Online
[14:43] Gracie Price is Online
[14:43] You: if u were here when the problem of casinos etc was topic number 1 in daily sl discussions
[14:43] Circe Broom is Online
[14:43] Robin Mapp is Online
[14:43] Victoria Glimmer is Offline
[14:43] Alex54 Zsigmond: well isn't Linden Labs just SL government...no different from RL in that instance..they let you BELIEVE you have freedom... but you never really do
[14:43] Alex54 Zsigmond: what were the problem with casinos???
[14:44] You: it is silly how people just run after the power of governing media.
[14:44] Victoria Glimmer is Online
[14:44] Sidda Leigh: ty momand
[14:44] Momand Papp: np
[14:44] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol i made alot more money tipping, and then bought more things... it fed the economy
[14:44] You: alex, they cancelled all games that uses random numbers at some day 2007
[14:44] Alex54 Zsigmond: well, it was because of USA law...
[14:44] You: or what is called in RL: Gambling.
[14:44] Muzeek Okey is Offline
[14:45] You: while lindes were the first people to make a gambling machine in sl.
[14:45] Barney Boomslang: they h ad to - or would have been in big trouble with the US gambling laws
[14:45] Alex54 Zsigmond: you can't gamebelin most states in the US... now if the servers were off US territory
[14:45] Barney Boomslang: well, they made a lot of firsts when they were mor or less the only people in here
[14:45] Alex54 Zsigmond: JINX lol Barney
[14:45] Barney Boomslang: but they have stopped making stuff themselves
[14:45] You: isn't that a prove of the poor planing, barney?
[14:45] Barney Boomslang: nowadays they commission stuff to residents - and most often to their pets
[14:46] Alex54 Zsigmond: anyway we are talking about how do i make out with Barney when he has no lips or penis
[14:46] You: lol @ their pets.
[14:46] madison Tureaud: ***LLOOLL***
[14:46] Sidda Leigh: lol
[14:46] Muzeek Okey is Online
[14:46] You: he is " HOT " .. isn't he?
[14:46] Antony Chihuly: with great difficulty lol
[14:46] Barney Boomslang: but yeah, they are rooted deeply in the RL-fakery - look at the new area they made with all those RL-copyisms. bleh
[14:46] AnaLee Springvale is Online
[14:46] Momand Papp: you got no mouth >.>
[14:46] Bluelion Jewell is Offline
[14:46] Alex54 Zsigmond: I have a WOODIE though
[14:46] Momand Papp: lol
[14:47] SuzeLaRousse Milo is Offline
[14:47] Antony Chihuly: whats a woodie
[14:47] Barney Boomslang: sorry alex, I stopped completing my avatars with missing "bits" somewhere mid 2006 :P
[14:47] Alex54 Zsigmond: Well...then one solution Barney
[14:47] You: well finally i would say: what are ur suggestions guys for the next meeting topic?
[14:47] madison Tureaud: Shit Rl is calling me !!!!!! Ciao peeps !!!!!
[14:47] Barney Boomslang: bye madison
[14:47] You: ciao madison!
[14:47] Buffy Munro: byeee
[14:47] Alex54 Zsigmond: bye Madison!
[14:47] Antony Chihuly: bye
[14:48] Momand Papp: bye
[14:48] madison Tureaud: HAVE FUN !!!!!
[14:48] madison Tureaud is Offline
[14:48] Antony Chihuly: i have one ahmad
[14:48] You: Please tell!
[14:48] Antony Chihuly: role playing in sl
[14:48] SuzeLaRousse Milo is Online
[14:48] Harrie Skjellerup is Online
[14:48] Alex54 Zsigmond: don't do it...
[14:48] Alex54 Zsigmond: lo
[14:48] Alex54 Zsigmond: have no insight
[14:48] Alex54 Zsigmond: but
[14:48] Alex54 Zsigmond: maybe interesting
[14:48] Antony Chihuly: how mant people do it and who gets a kick out of it
[14:48] You: what is the topic about role playing?
[14:49] Alex54 Zsigmond: why do you do it?
[14:49] Antony Chihuly: well do people role play in sl
[14:49] You: ic
[14:49] Momand Papp: What about the economy and SL
[14:49] Barney Boomslang: meh. economy is boring ;)
[14:49] You: may u tell more about it momand?
[14:49] Alex54 Zsigmond: what about SL not supporting MAC... the graphic design community
[14:49] Antony Chihuly: yeah there is a recession coming deal with it guys lmao
[14:49] Alex54 Zsigmond: bastards
[14:49] Momand Papp: Like how companies trying to put a foot in SL are failing
[14:49] Buffy Munro: hahaha
[14:50] Barney Boomslang seconds alex
[14:50] Alex54 Zsigmond: thank you Barney
[14:50] You: good idea too momand
[14:50] You: i hope u were not working in a company of them
[14:50] Alex54 Zsigmond: these guys don't care Barney they are on PC! lol
[14:50] You decline .D.o.D. Designs of Darkeness 7/15 fashcon from A group member named Deni Morigi.
[14:50] Antony Chihuly: ok guys got to shoot off
[14:50] Antony Chihuly: thx for the avi barney
[14:50] Alex54 Zsigmond: by Antony
[14:50] You: shoot off? talk english plz
[14:50] Barney Boomslang: alex: the scary part is: many of them use macs ...
[14:50] Antony Chihuly: am gonna go sacre the shit out of my gf now lol
[14:50] Buffy Munro: byeeee
[14:50] You: lol ok tony
[14:50] Antony Chihuly: scare
[14:50] Glopp Ogee is Offline
[14:50] Gabrisk Frangible is Offline
[14:50] Alex54 Zsigmond: I know Barney.. why else does SL have such beauty??
[14:50] Barney Boomslang: bye antony :)
[14:50] You: good one.
[14:51] Antony Chihuly: laters
[14:51] Alex54 Zsigmond: DAMN MAC ARTISTS!!!