Wednesday, January 3, 2007

My Tree Home

Today, I have finally found a home. That was like a surprise I didn't excepect at all today in my SL. But it is great surprise any way : )
Frau Bibi ( The witch ) & Mr.Barney gave me a new house at Yongnam. Just like a gift. It symbolizes the love that I have from Yongnam, and the respection they show. The house is really a very good choice for me, it is like a part of fairy tale. It is a tree house that looks as if it is based on digital story telling.

If I spent 1 year thanking them for that gift, I wouldn't consider my self thanked them really. I hope I worked good in the white avatar chess team, and in supporting art and imagination in their land based on the way that they like.

My second life philosophy

Second life is not a game, it is a visual communication platform that can be considered as an international community, a man from Africa is meeting another one from Australia and every one has modeled an Avatar that represents his identity, it is all based on our need – as human – for communication.

Second life can be a part of future, it is now having some economical value, especially after learning about the English lady who made 1 millions English pounds from SL. Second life is a proof of the post modern age, and that our post modern age real wealth is not based on money but it is based on information. The more information you have, the more wealthy you are.

Second life is a place to learn 3d or apply what you learn if you are already a 3d expert, it is teaching how to model with simple prims, scripting, animations, texturing and of course enhancing an avatar.

What I want from Second Life?

1- Mainly to do some projects that show the power of creativity in using the various tools of second life, that would mean those projects are related - but not limited - to information, and cultre exchange.

2- To understand the visual environment in general in a reason to understand how our online future will look a like!

3- Use second life resources in RL projects.

4- Applying many theories that I creat in visual environment first before applying in real life environment.