Sunday, April 27, 2008

Show and Tell 28th April 2008

Today I have attended Show and Tell at Lummerland, and I thought it would be a nice idea if I show what happened there! :)

Builders who show their works today:

Follow the pictures from right to left to know who made what:

Mango Splash:

Today in fourth place today with a prize of 700 lindens!
Mango has built a library, full of books which You can browse by touching, also You can change the books pages with Your own textures. A good idea to store textures in a functional furniature.

Jesica Slade:
Jesica made a nice umbrella, which You can open and close just like a real life Umbrella, and You can change it's colors to different colors too.

Frofidor and his Sci-Fi style in building.

Frofidor Niekerk :
Today in third place today with a prize of 1000 lindens!
He made a big detailed building ( about 909 prims ) which looks very high tech, You can also drive it as a vehicle.

Laura Lyne:
made a group teleporter.

Robin Sojourner Shows a very clever sculptured build.

Robin Sojourner:
Today in first place today with a prize of 2000 lindens!
A full sculptie tea sets. Made by lightwave.

Mandy Medusa :
Today in secon place today... with a prize of 1500 lindens!
She made a full radar system, which can rezz a sculptie map for Your sim, land, and show You where avatars are, and it can do a lot of functions like to teleport to any one You see, or teleport him/her. At least this what I liked the most from all functions she has described.

Marianne McCann:
Some nice entertaining balls reacting with You by touch.

Beware Hax:
This lady made a very nice idea for clothes, she had today a prim tie and some other parts of her top part, which You can hide and show, coordinating in that with the textured clothes. Very practical solution in case You want to change Your clothes in a lagy place!

Ahmad Hosho ( ME ):
I have show my eyes ;)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Second Life Drama

If Second Life is a game or a virtual world in all cases when you have signed in, you were expecting to have fun!

But some of us, may be big percent, have been surprised by times that they experienced drama that can not only affect few days of their lives, but in many cases it affects their whole life, too.

You are welcome to comment here, and tell us Your opinion.

  • What made SL change from a place you were supposed to play and have fun in, into a drama?
  • If it didn't get you, did it get someone in your friends list?
  • What did you do to help? Or, did you just avoid it?
  • Is second life drama considered in any science what the pyschology and philosphy may tell us?
  • Share from your basic knowledge, or if any expert would like to meet and speak about that...your comments would be appreciated.
  • What is SL drama?
  • How has drama in Second Life affected you? Has it ever affected your real life?
We will also host a discussion at Bibi's Cafe on 22nd April 2008, from 2 to 3 PM SLT, if You like to join. Or You can still comment here and we will pass Your comment in the meeting! Click on the illustration to get the SLURL.

This is the history of the meeting we had on Drama in sl on April 22nd. :)

[14:05] Mara Chevalier: is sl drama more severe than rl drama when relationships are involved? like romantic drama?
[14:05] Saysha Riggles: hi Nea
[14:05] You: no
[14:05] Antony Chihuly: has it come through
[14:05] You: i shouldnt think so
[14:06] Sidda Leigh: more so?
[14:06] Sidda Leigh: i wouldnt think so
[14:06] Ahmad Hosho: /I hear You tony?
[14:06] Ahmad Hosho: /hi Alex!
[14:07] Alex54 Zsigmond: HEya!
[14:07] Mara Chevalier: ok
[14:07] Mara Chevalier: erm
[14:07] Mara Chevalier: ok
[14:07] Ahmad Hosho: /thank You Tony ;)
[14:07] Ahmad Hosho: /Ok we start the meeting now
[14:07] Sidda Leigh: hello ALex
[14:07] Mara Chevalier: i do think ppl are more lovesick here tnan in rl
[14:08] Ahmad Hosho runs the topic If Secondlife is a game or a virtual world in all cases when you have signed in, you were excepecting to have fun!
[14:08] You: woot
[14:08] Ahmad Hosho : But some of us, may be big percent, have been surprised by times that they experienced drama that can not only affect few days of their lives, but in many cases it affects their whole life, too.
[14:08] Mara Chevalier: true
[14:08] Ahmad Hosho Q: What made SL change from a place you were supposed to play and have fun in, into a drama?
[14:08] Mara Chevalier: sometimes i believe that the rl issues ppl deal with are the issues they get here too
[14:08] Mara Chevalier: read the above
[14:08] Mara Chevalier: lol
[14:08] Saysha Riggles: right on point
[14:09] Mara Chevalier: it could be a sort of therapy when u monitor what ur dealing with here, it might be a topic ur dealing with in rl
[14:09] Saysha Riggles: ppl seem to want to form relationships here!
[14:09] Mara Chevalier: yes
[14:09] Mara Chevalier: everybody wants to belong
[14:09] You: people just generat edrama wherever they gaher
[14:09] Mara Chevalier: even when they belong in rl, ppl want to belong here too
[14:10] You: gather*
[14:10] Saysha Riggles: then it becomes controlling
[14:10] Antony Chihuly: yeah but surely its an individuals perogative if they want to form relatioships no
[14:10] Ahmad Hosho: Mara: there is a therapist who will be here today as i know.
[14:10] Mara Chevalier: erm
[14:10] Mara Chevalier: u mean me?
[14:10] Mara Chevalier: <--rl psychologist
[14:10] Ahmad Hosho: Mara: another one too
[14:10] Mara Chevalier: HoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!
[14:10] Mara Chevalier: hehe
[14:10] You decline !! * * DUTCH SENSATION * * !!, HollandCoast (96, 212, 23) from A group member named DutchMountains Babii.
[14:10] Sidda Leigh: some people come to sl thinking they are going to form relationships....expecting to yes....i did not......but i find that i do have feelings for people i meet......most are great friendships and others at times have been more...not so romatic but loving
[14:10] Alex54 Zsigmond: You could make a fortune here.
[14:10] You: yea sidda
[14:10] Mara Chevalier: lol im here for fun *wink*
[14:11] Saysha Riggles: yes sidda
[14:11] Sidda Leigh: if u put people together bonds will form
[14:11] Ahmad Hosho: Mara: How come sl is making drama more than RL, if i understood what u said correctly?
[14:11] Sidda Leigh: and i think if one comes here looking for *love* that is not a good thing
[14:11] Antony Chihuly: i agree sidda
[14:11] Alex54 Zsigmond: Well in my experience, ppl are COMING to SL as a dating service, they are looking for RL mates...
[14:11] Saysha Riggles: yeah it trips me out
[14:11] Sidda Leigh: yes i think so too alex some are
[14:11] Ahmad Hosho: /any luck yet alex :)
[14:11] Mara Chevalier: well i think to a certain extend ppl feel annonymous here so the tend to experiment
[14:11] You: /lol
[14:11] Antony Chihuly: could be alex but not all are like that and isnt rl like that
[14:11] Mara Chevalier: they can explore their dark sides
[14:12] Sidda Leigh: but all drama here does not stem from romance
[14:12] You: what? i have no dark sides
[14:12] You: lol
[14:12] Mara Chevalier: they can be selfish without the rl consequences
[14:12] Sidda Leigh: you dont lab?
[14:12] Mara Chevalier: lolol too bad Lab ;-p
[14:12] You: lol
[14:12] Antony Chihuly: i know of someone on here who has heightened her experiences with her rl husband since being insl
[14:12] Saysha Riggles: I met an avi who had to change her account because she was being stalked
[14:12] Mara Chevalier: yes
[14:12] You: really?
[14:12] Antony Chihuly: that happens a lot saysha
[14:12] Alex54 Zsigmond: right, and they are pushing themselves into places they would never go in RL... my fear is they will take it to RL
[14:12] Ahmad Hosho: Saysha: yes some of them has this problem
[14:12] Antony Chihuly: hey breez
[14:12] Mara Chevalier: i also think that sl grands great opportunities to really really hurt somebody too
[14:12] Saysha Riggles: yes she is someone else now
[14:13] Sidda Leigh: yes and some have damaged their RL relationships with it but......its not all romantic drama that is dealt with here
[14:13] Breez Charron: Hey Antony
[14:13] Sidda Leigh: hello Breez :)
[14:13] Mara Chevalier: agreed miss Leigh
[14:13] Mara Chevalier: hi Breez
[14:13] Saysha Riggles: hi breeze
[14:13] Sidda Leigh: ty Miss CHevalier
[14:13] Antony Chihuly: have a seat breez
[14:13] Sidda Leigh: Hello Mistee :)
[14:13] Breez Charron: HIII!!!! Sidda..Mara :)))
[14:13] Mistee Jaxxon: Hi there!
[14:13] Mistee Jaxxon: yay!
[14:13] Mara Chevalier: hey Mistee
[14:13] Ahmad Hosho: Mara: it granted opprtunities to really really make families too .. the lady who was rp sl sister in sl has married her sl husband, same for the one who is acting sl bro, is now with his sl gf
[14:13] Mistee Jaxxon: dang, still dont work!
[14:14] Mara Chevalier: hahaha
[14:14] Mara Chevalier: u lost me
[14:14] Mara Chevalier: but yes
[14:14] You: huh?
[14:14] You: lol
[14:14] Mara Chevalier: good things happen here but the topic was drama right?
[14:14] Mara Chevalier: hehe
[14:14] Nea Fredriksson: i've got the impression that at least romantic drama comes along much much faster than in rl.. that's curious too
[14:14] Antony Chihuly: i think we all know that sl emulates rl but moves alot quicker yeah
[14:14] Mara Chevalier: yes
[14:14] Mara Chevalier: exactly
[14:14] Sidda Leigh: yes that is curious Nea
[14:14] Sidda Leigh: things happen so quickly ehre
[14:14] Sidda Leigh: here
[14:14] Sidda Leigh: emotions run high
[14:14] Sidda Leigh: why is that
[14:14] Ahmad Hosho: and when i was new user, my mentor bibi told me about people who married in sl and rl too, would be before 2006 then
[14:14] You: because its only ur minds here?
[14:15] Saysha Riggles: much of the drama that i experience is from SL relationships
[14:15] Bibi Book: I think one important things is that people mix desire, feelings and phantasy
[14:15] Sidda Leigh: yes that is the most i have seen too saysah
[14:15] Antony Chihuly: i think peopel can be mor ehonest in sl than sometimes in rl sidda
[14:15] You: so emotions play bigger part maybe?
[14:15] Sidda Leigh: and yes i agree Bibi...its a fantasy of a person
[14:15] Sidda Leigh: ty Mistee :)
[14:15] Mara Chevalier: cause its all u can bring into SL, emotions and ur personality
[14:15] Mara Chevalier: pressure cooker really
[14:15] You: yea
[14:15] Saysha Riggles: SL but we are real with human emotions
[14:15] Ahmad Hosho: Mara: but this was happening too when u firstly joined SL?
[14:16] Mara Chevalier: yes and online we're not distracted by rl stuff like eating and such
[14:16] Mara Chevalier: what Ahmad?
[14:16] Ahmad Hosho: remember a compare between what u excepected from SL when u firstly joined, and what happened by time.. is vital here
[14:16] You: i am
[14:16] Sidda Leigh: rofl lab
[14:16] You: i always eat
[14:16] You: haha
[14:16] Bibi Book: more honest? hmmm.. they even can lie more as you cannot see their face
[14:16] Mara Chevalier: haha i had one dinner date here online, it was DRAMATIC
[14:16] Mara Chevalier: lol
[14:16] Antony Chihuly: i dunno though ahmad i didnt have expectations when i joined ididnt know anythign wha tit was about
[14:16] Ahmad Hosho: i think big part of the SL drama is caused because u didnt excepect secondlife to do it ( build drama ) at first place
[14:16] Mara Chevalier: (no lobster on the menu)
[14:17] You: sl food....
[14:17] florenze Kerensky: hello :)
[14:17] Bibi Book: Hi Flo!
[14:17] You: i can eat in both lifes?
[14:17] Alex54 Zsigmond: Hello!
[14:17] Sidda Leigh: i tend to be honest however because they CANNOT see my face and i try to make sure my feelings and beliefs are clearly stated to allow the other person to understand me
[14:17] Saysha Riggles: I was clueless as for the drama created in here
[14:17] Breez Charron: HIII!!!! Florenze
[14:17] Mara Chevalier: yes me too
[14:17] You: hey alex. :)
[14:17] Antony Chihuly: its always hard to tell peoples mannerisms on here too
[14:17] Sidda Leigh: i think i am more open and honest here
[14:17] Mara Chevalier: the sl experience comes in phases i think
[14:17] Nea Fredriksson: i didn't know what to expect, but least of all people having relationship problems
[14:17] Ahmad Hosho: antony that is u, what about others
[14:17] Alex54 Zsigmond: Hey Lab
[14:18] Ahmad Hosho: some people came here thinking it is a place to have fun. this is what i mean
[14:18] Sidda Leigh: yes that is lost no verbal cues or feeback or body language
[14:18] Antony Chihuly: yeah true ahmad
[14:18] Mara Chevalier: and the drama is jsut one phase i reckon
[14:18] Alex54 Zsigmond: well i think this subject is way too intense and complicated to talk about in this form
[14:18] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol
[14:18] Mara Chevalier: agreed Alex
[14:18] Antony Chihuly: we make our own dramas half the time
[14:18] You: well i think humans just tend to make drama. like naturally
[14:18] Ahmad Hosho: disagree with alex, cause if it started from sl, then we should try to talk about it in sl :)
[14:19] Sidda Leigh: you place people from all over the world in an enviroment in which they can be creative.....or not.....and there is bound to be drama
[14:19] Mara Chevalier: it is complicated tho Ahmad
[14:19] Ahmad Hosho: with my respection for ur opinion, Alex :)
[14:19] Alex54 Zsigmond: ANd you have to remember ppl, that you are being thrown into an unnatural mix of EMOTIONAL ages
[14:19] Saysha Riggles: I have learned about the mute and delete
[14:19] Ahmad Hosho: good point here alex
[14:19] Antony Chihuly: do you reckon on the lindens thinking it wuold cause this much drama when they frist built it
[14:19] You: hmmm
[14:19] Antony Chihuly: right enough alex
[14:20] Alex54 Zsigmond: no BECAUSE they didn't use psychologists as part of the system
[14:20] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol
[14:20] Breez Charron: lol
[14:20] Ahmad Hosho: lol
[14:20] Sidda Leigh: another think i think its a pretty interesting experiment however.....all literature ive read deals with the themes of man's inhumanity to man AND love.....and u have both here....of course......put humans together and there u go
[14:20] Saysha Riggles: they seem to me to be computer nerds
[14:20] florenze Kerensky: sometimes i think we are all guinea pigs for some major psychology experiment
[14:20] You: lol flo probably
[14:21] Mara Chevalier: cool
[14:21] Ahmad Hosho: my reason for why there is a drama: this when 2 a man and woman started to rp as partners, by time when they share a virtual life, i mean they start to have memories and all.. so feelings are involved any way ( see i speak about time factor here) :)
[14:21] Saysha Riggles: wow
[14:21] Mara Chevalier: i wish i can look into the report afterwards
[14:21] Sidda Leigh: i hope i get a wheel
[14:21] You: ill get them for u mara.
[14:21] Mara Chevalier: and a balloon for joining afterwards
[14:21] Alex54 Zsigmond: This is an anthropolgical and socioligical and psychological test tube...IT IS A DREAM for study!
[14:21] Mara Chevalier: defo!
[14:21] Mistee Jaxxon: i agree
[14:21] Antony Chihuly: but time goes quickerin here too ahmad
[14:21] You: yes
[14:21] Sidda Leigh: hello Natascha
[14:22] Bibi Book: I think a lot is projection
[14:22] Natascha May: hi, sidda
[14:22] Natascha May: hi, bibi
[14:22] Sidda Leigh: :)
[14:22] Ahmad Hosho: /some one asked a question, why things happen here too fast. i guess because most of our physical moves are happening now by a click of button.
[14:22] Bibi Book: Hi Natascha
[14:22] florenze Kerensky agrees with bibi
[14:22] Saysha Riggles: logging on I do get asked to answer questions about my experience's in SL
[14:22] Sidda Leigh: good point ahmad
[14:22] You: i have once
[14:23] Ahmad Hosho: this lead me think in an old saying: when u build ur relation fast, it may ends as fast.
[14:23] You: yea ahmad
[14:23] Antony Chihuly: i dunno about that ahmad
[14:23] Nea Fredriksson: looks like it's true in sl too
[14:23] Alex54 Zsigmond: and Ahmad, you don't have to fumble with bra hooks
[14:23] Ahmad Hosho: but at first place, when most people makes a SL relation " like a marriage or bf and gf " is it meant to be in real life too, or just online? fictional or realstic
[14:23] florenze Kerensky: lol alex
[14:24] You: lol alex
[14:24] Saysha Riggles: platonic is best for my relationships...less drama!
[14:24] Mistee Jaxxon: good ques Ahmad
[14:24] Nea Fredriksson: lol alex no, but the texture can take a while to disappear ;)
[14:24] Ahmad Hosho: Alex: thank u, i can see my avatar already ;)
[14:24] Sidda Leigh: brb
[14:24] Antony Chihuly: then we wouldnt have this discussion saysha lol
[14:24] Ahmad Hosho: ryr
[14:24] Ahmad Hosho: tyt*
[14:24] Mistee Jaxxon: why pursue an SL relationship?
[14:24] Ahmad Hosho: thank u Mistee
[14:24] Bibi Book: drama and virtiual sex are two pairs of shoes
[14:24] Alex54 Zsigmond: But Saysha.... what about those ppl who like in RL NEED Drama to feel LOVED??? I meet those ppl all the time
[14:24] Saysha Riggles: i did not say none...just less drama
[14:24] Mistee Jaxxon: true Alex
[14:25] Saysha Riggles: right
[14:25] Antony Chihuly: peopel like to moan
[14:25] Alex54 Zsigmond: they have a BAD STRATEGY when it comes to relationships, and that doesn't change here!
[14:25] Antony Chihuly: and with drama come moaning
[14:25] Ahmad Hosho: and if it is fictional relation, should it has sl sex? or it can just come like james bond movies.. no sex scences mostly.. just some poses. am i right tony as u have all bonds movies?
[14:25] Saysha Riggles: lol
[14:26] Antony Chihuly: thats for your imagination though init ahmad
[14:26] Alex54 Zsigmond: Well they don't know any better, they are truly doing the best they can, it just happens to be not very workable on many levels
[14:26] florenze Kerensky: but is all drama in SL related to love/sex? how bout business?
[14:26] Ahmad Hosho: yes here comes my drama flo
[14:26] florenze Kerensky: wb breez
[14:26] Breez Charron: lol sorry
[14:26] You: hey breez
[14:27] Saysha Riggles: yep i have seen drama because some avi did'nt get his million Lindens
[14:27] Bibi Book: sl drama is a lot about egoism, lies, misunderstandngs...
[14:27] Ahmad Hosho: but mainly the fetal problems happen in love/sex. i have saw experinces here of husband lost his wife in secondlife. and another experince of a lady lost her husband in secondlife.
[14:27] Antony Chihuly: million lindens wow whats that worth then about 100quid lol
[14:27] Mistee Jaxxon: lost how?
[14:27] Alex54 Zsigmond: Ahamd, you know what i love here??? Is that your lover has to TRULY think about you and respond on a more intelectual level, because it ISN"T flesh... so i have finally gotten more than i ever did in RL... because your lover has to THINK, be thoughtful!
[14:27] Mistee Jaxxon: wow
[14:27] Antony Chihuly: good point alex
[14:28] Ahmad Hosho: Mistee: the partner find his wife or husband ( depends on context ) with another avatar, and by time.. it goes to reallife.
[14:28] Alex54 Zsigmond: I respond to words... hell i can buy a plastic dick and get as much from it sometimes...
[14:28] Bibi Book: Ahmad: but if people loose their RL parner her in SL, they have had problems already
[14:28] Ahmad Hosho: Alex: smart
[14:28] Antony Chihuly: so your saying we are all intellectuals now lol noone ever called e that befrore lol
[14:28] Mistee Jaxxon: SL cheating??? u dont say1
[14:28] You: lol
[14:28] Ahmad Hosho: Bibi: this is possible. but not sure if this is the only analysis.
[14:28] Saysha Riggles: it's the lack of TRUST!
[14:29] Alex54 Zsigmond: No BUT FOR ONCE ~ men have to think about how to seduce
[14:29] Breez Charron: HIII!!!! T
[14:29] Alex54 Zsigmond: not just man handle a woman
[14:29] Ahmad Hosho: Mistee: sometimes a husband allow his wife to have a SL bf .. and by time he find her leaving him in RL too.
[14:29] Tina Jowisz: HIII!!!!
[14:29] Ahmad Hosho: it means he didnt excepect for a place to have fun to turn against his life
[14:29] Alex54 Zsigmond: Hello1
[14:29] Ahmad Hosho: Hi tina
[14:29] florenze Kerensky: hi ariel
[14:29] Antony Chihuly: i saw a program on tv about sl last month
[14:29] florenze Kerensky: hello tina
[14:29] You: i heard of that
[14:29] Natascha May: sorry bibi, was curious, but don't think my english is fast enough to participate in a disscusion
[14:29] Antony Chihuly: a guy in uk and a married girl in usa
[14:29] Ahmad Hosho: np natascha
[14:29] Mistee Jaxxon: ohh..yes i found a whole list of partners complaining about how they lost their relationships to SL!
[14:29] Antony Chihuly: when they met it was a disaster
[14:30] Saysha Riggles: omg
[14:30] Alex54 Zsigmond: well but aren't RL dating services like that too???
[14:30] Antony Chihuly: but the program made all users look right idiots
[14:30] Alex54 Zsigmond: part of the pitfalls
[14:30] Bibi Book: Natascha: ther will be a log and I do not get all, too as I cannot read as fast as they write
[14:30] Ahmad Hosho gives notes: This chat will be published in the blog .. for ur reveiw in future. we already opened the comment under the thread
[14:30] florenze Kerensky: i feel the majority of rl relationships that fail due to sl were shaky to start.
[14:30] Mistee Jaxxon:
[14:30] Alex54 Zsigmond: well it is an ODD place to dwell in, we do LIVE here at least part time
[14:30] Antony Chihuly: yeah agreed florenze
[14:30] Mistee Jaxxon: yes Alex..i agree, we do LIVE here
[14:31] Mistee Jaxxon: cuz this is where we LIVE out our fantasies!
[14:31] Antony Chihuly: i think for most of us sl is part of our lives in a big way alex
[14:31] Saysha Riggles: real pain is felt here from drama
[14:31] Antony Chihuly: i meanhow many here log on every day at least once
[14:31] Ahmad Hosho gives information: As Mollie Serveri didnt have a chance to attend this meeting, so she left this comment in the blog: I'm commenting now since I know that I can't make the meeting. "What made SL change from a place you were supposed to play and have fun in, into a drama?" I think that my problem is that I tend to take things in SL too seriously and personally. I forget that people will have a different motivation than I do for exploring SL. I'm in SL primarily to meet people who have different life experiences than I do, whether by virtue of living in a different country or whatever. SL gives people a virtually anonymous way to interact with other people, so it's much easier to have conversations about personal ideals and experiences without being judged by external forces such as appearance, socioeconomic status, etc. Well of course with those kinds of conversations comes a certain level of intimacy... and my problem is that I expect that same level of conversation to continue..
[14:31] Antony Chihuly: i bet all yah
[14:31] Mistee Jaxxon: at least 3 times!! lol
[14:31] You: lol
[14:32] Alex54 Zsigmond: and although thereis drama is there in RL too, and this may be a great place for ppl to develope and EMotional IQ...we need more Mara's here! lol
[14:32] Ahmad Hosho: oh what is ur opinion mara
[14:32] Antony Chihuly: it certainly helps with your typing skills
[14:33] Mistee Jaxxon: lol
[14:33] Saysha Riggles: overall the drama does not stop me from enjoying SL
[14:33] Antony Chihuly: if it does saysha why would you want to stay really yeah
[14:33] Saysha Riggles: RIGHT
[14:33] Alex54 Zsigmond: me either, in fact in wakes me up to the fragility and sweetness of ppl
[14:33] Antony Chihuly: i mean we are supposed to use this to relax and enjoy
[14:34] Saysha Riggles: it is entertainment
[14:34] Ahmad Hosho: then spins more relaxing tunes
[14:34] Ahmad Hosho: lol jk
[14:34] Ahmad Hosho: nice tunes really
[14:34] Mistee Jaxxon: yes, i come for the music
[14:34] Antony Chihuly: lol
[14:34] Alex54 Zsigmond: Uhm it is not our nature to do that Antony...why do ppl play all those stressful killing games???
[14:34] Saysha Riggles: Ahmad me too!
[14:34] Antony Chihuly: co sit relaxes and entertains
[14:34] Alex54 Zsigmond: I came for art, music , ppl in that order
[14:34] Alex54 Zsigmond: I end up beinga stripper! lol
[14:35] Antony Chihuly: i came cos i was a nosey git
[14:35] Ahmad Hosho: let's be honest too, chatting with others made us open to each others too
[14:35] Saysha Riggles: lol
[14:35] Alex54 Zsigmond: LOL Antony!
[14:35] Antony Chihuly: but to be fair
[14:35] You: lol alex
[14:35] Mistee Jaxxon: i ended up being exactly what i wanted to be in RL
[14:35] Ahmad Hosho: i think those who lost their famileis here, has just been opened to some other options they didnt think about
[14:35] Antony Chihuly: when i was younger i got rid of my decks mixer and records never to dj again came to sl and wa sshown th ear tof mp3 and pc mixers and started up again
[14:36] Alex54 Zsigmond: it is an awesome platform for humanity ~ we are such needy creatures
[14:36] Antony Chihuly: met someone on here who i hadnt seen for 12 years from rl
[14:36] You: true
[14:36] Tina Jowisz: i feel more confident now in rl
[14:36] Antony Chihuly: so it does have its good dramas
[14:36] Tina Jowisz: i mean
[14:36] Mistee Jaxxon: how did u recognize them Anthony?
[14:36] Tina Jowisz: i can relate to ppl more
[14:36] Antony Chihuly: lol mistee
[14:36] Ahmad Hosho: good question: mistee
[14:37] Sidda Leigh: yes it is mistee
[14:37] Antony Chihuly: well it was weird i was in a club and speaking to this girl at random talking baotu rl and we realised who each other was
[14:37] Mara Chevalier: wow
[14:37] Antony Chihuly: never spoken or heard from her in all that time
[14:37] Alex54 Zsigmond: absolutely, Antony, the thing is ppl have to learn from the drama... some will some won't...but i think it gets some ppl out of their shyness and fear of ppl
[14:37] Antony Chihuly: it took a few days to get me head round that i tell ya
[14:37] Sidda Leigh: lol
[14:38] Saysha Riggles: when someone pulls a gun out & shoots you die here?
[14:38] Ahmad Hosho: alex i remembered another type of drama in secondlife now, which is not related to sex/love
[14:38] Ahmad Hosho: and is related to saysha question as well
[14:38] Alex54 Zsigmond: On the other hand, i have had ppl trying to destroy me and make my life here miserable, but i know they don't know any better...
[14:38] Alex54 Zsigmond: Only on a sim that allows it lol
[14:38] Sidda Leigh: what is that ahmad
[14:39] Antony Chihuly: like in rl people can be callous and cruel
[14:39] You: yea
[14:39] Antony Chihuly: for me i deal with scum all day long so when i come to sl i like to be nice as it should be
[14:39] Alex54 Zsigmond: ANd so, you at least can mute them and orbit them! lol
[14:39] Ahmad Hosho: according to fact there is money here, some groups started to run in the way that real gangs are running, such as some type of mafia that steal textures and resell them. and their actions to any one who tries to point out that, is all based on terriorism.
[14:39] florenze Kerensky: alex... i don't understand people like that... wanting to make someone else's lives in SL miserable... there is just enough of those sort in RL... why waste time on petty things like that?
[14:40] Ahmad Hosho: i can mention: they try to steal accounts, they stalk u in world, they spam and scum. beside the virus of minds stuff.
[14:40] Antony Chihuly: how do they steal accounts ahmad
[14:40] Alex54 Zsigmond: florenze, they just don't know any better... it is hard to believe that i know, but you have to realize, maybe that is what they were taought in RL
[14:41] Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
[14:41] Ahmad Hosho: Antony: not everyone join sl is good in saving their computers, and some of these mafias are RL developers or networks experts who can hack a non good computer user by the script kiddies techniques.
[14:41] Bibi Book: there are a lot ow ways to get passwords from people
[14:41] Bibi Book: one is just asking people
[14:41] Ahmad Hosho: especially when u tell ur RL information and tell ur email.
[14:41] You: true
[14:41] Breez Charron: wb T
[14:41] Saysha Riggles: this is serious drama!
[14:41] Tina Jowisz: ty
[14:42] Antony Chihuly: fair point
[14:42] Ahmad Hosho: the mafia has got 3 of my friends already as the following: 1. hacking email of one. 2. hacking the account of another. 3. making the 3rd do something wrong in world, and reported him so lindens locked his account.
[14:42] Alex54 Zsigmond: maybe this is another discussion, one that the Lindens should be invited too!
[14:43] Ahmad Hosho: Alex: or may be we need to help users to learn how to protect themselvies.
[14:43] Katty Fizzle is Offline
[14:43] Ahmad Hosho: because not every thing in this has happened with any linden tool.
[14:43] You: yes
[14:43] Alex54 Zsigmond: Right, but we could set up classe...
[14:43] Tina Jowisz: u cant protect yaself from the players
[14:43] Tina Jowisz: the users
[14:43] Alex54 Zsigmond: damn i should go to these classes!
[14:43] Tina Jowisz: the ones who will manipulate u
[14:43] Alex54 Zsigmond: i have no idea what you are talking about
[14:44] Tina Jowisz: they are smooth
[14:44] Tina Jowisz: too clever
[14:44] Tina Jowisz: they thrive on drama
[14:44] Tina Jowisz: live for it
[14:44] Alex54 Zsigmond: SO Ahmad, why don't you guys that under stand this do something with your knowledge...
[14:44] Ahmad Hosho: some basic information are needed. for an example a friend of mine who is really under there threatens told me about her computer communcations channels, and the solution i told her was as simple as that: change ur email which is registered in secondlife. and keep it hidden from any one.
[14:44] Saysha Riggles: it is such a wast of time life is short
[14:45] Alex54 Zsigmond: ture enough Saysha.
[14:45] Alex54 Zsigmond: true*
[14:45] Ahmad Hosho: or let's say the real drama which touch the core of building, when some artist make skins or clothes, and someone just steal them and resale them. it is a big drama for the artist too :)
[14:45] Sidda Leigh: i dont think we can answer why there are people here that are inhumane...that is human nature....but the drama that IS is it diff from RL drama?
[14:45] Tina Jowisz: its more viciuos
[14:45] Alex54 Zsigmond: It ISN"T different Sidda!
[14:46] Tina Jowisz: it is
[14:46] Saysha Riggles: yes i agree
[14:46] Tina Jowisz: its more cruel
[14:46] Sidda Leigh: why is it more cruel?
[14:46] You: how so more?
[14:46] Sidda Leigh: im not disagreeing
[14:46] Tina Jowisz: in rl, Noo! one copies and pastes convos
[14:46] Antony Chihuly: can be tina but not lways
[14:46] Tina Jowisz: to cause trouble
[14:46] Alex54 Zsigmond: well apparently Tina, you have never lived near "gangs"
[14:46] Mara Chevalier: cause the opportunities of backstabbing behaviour is endless here
[14:46] Mara Chevalier: exactly Tina
[14:46] Tina Jowisz: i do
[14:46] Alex54 Zsigmond: In RL they have GUNS
[14:46] Tina Jowisz: 4 nites ago
[14:46] Antony Chihuly: yeah but its easier to tel people about convos in rl
[14:46] Alex54 Zsigmond: and will kill you
[14:47] Tina Jowisz: i wont explain
[14:47] Tina Jowisz: all i will say is this
[14:47] Breez Charron: I feel we all probably start out the same noobs, but as we grow and learn as in rl our sl lives start taking on a life of there own, we feel more confident start talking more which opens us up to dram's...such as rl
[14:47] Tina Jowisz: when u cant be face to face
[14:47] Tina Jowisz: its more vicious verbally
[14:47] Sidda Leigh: yes convos in SL that are pasted can certainly elicit emotion
[14:47] Tina Jowisz: mentally
[14:47] Antony Chihuly: right enough breez
[14:47] Alex54 Zsigmond: Listen, i have had ppl send viscious emails in a company, report me to HR... and tell all my coworkers blatantl lies....
[14:47] Breez Charron: drama's*
[14:48] Alex54 Zsigmond: so not different
[14:48] Antony Chihuly: has anyone ever had to reprt someone or thing to lindens before
[14:48] Ahmad Hosho: some point: 75% of human communcation is based on body language. which is missed here in secondlife, isn't that a big part of the problem.
[14:48] Tina Jowisz: yes
[14:48] Areal Loonie: yes
[14:48] Tina Jowisz: i was threatened
[14:48] Antony Chihuly: where they any good in dealign wiht it
[14:48] Tina Jowisz: Noo!
[14:48] Sidda Leigh: i have made many reports antony
[14:48] Ahmad Hosho: tony: yes .. banned 2 of them by reports :)
[14:49] Saysha Riggles: yes i have
[14:49] Sidda Leigh: yes they do email me with results
[14:49] Alex54 Zsigmond: right, so you have to REALLY watch how you phrase your speech
[14:49] Antony Chihuly: i kow of one guy who god banned for fraud but aparently he is back in game now
[14:49] florenze Kerensky: you also have to really watch how you READ the text too.... your emotional state at the time can make a post bad when it was meant to be good
[14:50] Tina Jowisz: i agree
[14:50] Ahmad Hosho: Bibi: i think we need to make a meeting sometime with people, to discuss how to protect Your account.
[14:50] Bibi Book: yes, that would be a good idea
[14:50] Alex54 Zsigmond: so true, florenze....and again when you are dealing with ppl with fragile is a problem
[14:50] Saysha Riggles: how do you stop someonr from pushing you?
[14:51] Bibi Book: here is push disabled
[14:51] Ahmad Hosho: Bibi: yes and saysha question too, how to avoid grifing in genral.
[14:51] Bibi Book: land settings
[14:51] Alex54 Zsigmond: damn, do i live in a blissful state? i never have these problems...never even muted anyone, except by mistake!
[14:51] Ahmad Hosho: may be many of them uses the redlines in their homes cause they dont know how to welcome girfers ;)
[14:51] Areal Loonie: ive never muted anyone either
[14:51] Alex54 Zsigmond: redlines?
[14:51] Bibi Book: i muted one for spamming in an event;-)
[14:51] Ahmad Hosho: oh yay i am not muted by alex then
[14:52] Antony Chihuly: lol
[14:52] Ahmad Hosho: i muted a lot ( mafia members )
[14:52] Alex54 Zsigmond: wait let me figure out how to do it Ahmad! lol
[14:52] Breez Charron: I've felt like muting a few but nah me neither!
[14:52] Ahmad Hosho: it made a big problem when i discovered they steal textures.
[14:52] florenze Kerensky: i've been involved with 3d virtual communities for over 8 years now... best way to deal with griefers is to ignore them
[14:52] Ahmad Hosho: lol alex
[14:52] florenze Kerensky: they thrive on attention, so ignore them.
[14:52] Saysha Riggles: ty
[14:52] Antony Chihuly: why do they suddently think they are mafia have thye played too much grand theft auto or what
[14:52] Sidda Leigh: <---has a very long mute list sadly
[14:52] Sidda Leigh: ROFL antony
[14:52] florenze Kerensky: best way to go sidda :)
[14:52] Areal Loonie: ha.. yea.. lots of ppl i could do without.. id just rather know what they're saying
[14:53] Ahmad Hosho: antony stealing textures makes RL money for them. so they take it so seriouse
[14:53] Alex54 Zsigmond: well i love hearing their bs, it gives me insight into their thought and emotional process, maybe then i can help them
[14:53] Ahmad Hosho: if i stop them, then .. i make them go poor
[14:53] florenze Kerensky: well you can pretend you have someone on mute and still ignore them :D
[14:53] Ahmad Hosho: flo good point :)
[14:53] Alex54 Zsigmond: lol , you say something, florenze ;-)
[14:54] florenze Kerensky: something
[14:54] florenze Kerensky: :)
[14:54] Ahmad Hosho: something
[14:54] Alex54 Zsigmond has her fingers in her ears
[14:54] Ahmad Hosho: i can too
[14:54] florenze Kerensky: rofl!!!
[14:54] Saysha Riggles: lol
[14:54] Alex54 Zsigmond: LMAO
[14:54] florenze Kerensky: that would make a great anim!!!
[14:54] Katty Fizzle is Online
[14:54] Alex54 Zsigmond kicks Ahmad under the table
[14:54] Ahmad Hosho: hehe, oh alex u just see words in secondlife, not hearing can i put my fingers in ur eyes
[14:55] Ahmad Hosho: jk jk :)
[14:55] Tina Jowisz: i find less drama when u use voice on here
[14:55] Ahmad Hosho: Verbal communcation :)
[14:55] Alex54 Zsigmond: *coff* we will discuss finger placement options... off site :-D
[14:55] Antony Chihuly: only used it once tina
[14:55] Ahmad Hosho: lol
[14:55] Ahmad Hosho: btw, what d u suggest for the next meeting as a topic?
[14:55] Saysha Riggles: voice I have not used it
[14:55] Ahmad Hosho: we can stress on something we told today
[14:55] florenze Kerensky: nyah
[14:56] Breez Charron: I for the most part play sl as I play rl...quietly at times and honest with ** WELCOME TO PRIVATE EYES ** wide open,, in both rl/sl you do have crossroads and if your not careful you will choose the wrong path, I guess in alot of ways both worlds are up to chance
[14:56] Alex54 Zsigmond: what you were talkingabout earlier
[14:56] Breez Charron: lol
[14:56] Alex54 Zsigmond: account protection
[14:56] Tina Jowisz: we could discuss using voice
[14:56] Breez Charron: rofl
[14:56] Sidda Leigh: voice is good too tina
[14:56] Sidda Leigh: accounts yes
[14:56] Antony Chihuly: good one alex
[14:56] Antony Chihuly: important too
[14:56] Ahmad Hosho: breez this is a good point
[14:56] Saysha Riggles: what do you need for voice...headset?
[14:56] Tina Jowisz: and a mike
[14:57] Bibi Book: I have another suggestion for ne of the next meetings: why are there so few non human avatars
[14:57] Antony Chihuly: jus a mic i wuold say saysha
[14:57] Areal Loonie: headset is best
[14:57] Saysha Riggles: ok
[14:57] Ahmad Hosho: good point bibi
[14:57] florenze Kerensky: ooo good one bibi
[14:57] Sidda Leigh: good one bibi although i have many that are not
[14:57] Alex54 Zsigmond: MARA!!! i would like to hear a professional viewpoint on all of this drama! Since we aren't paying her for it LOL
[14:57] Antony Chihuly: i dunno bibi i seea lot of them about
[14:57] Ahmad Hosho: account protection, because it is an important topic, we can start directly after this meeting, to discuss it for half an hour. agree?
[14:57] Alex54 Zsigmond: :-P
[14:57] Bibi Book: In the concerst there are one or two only normally
[14:58] Ahmad Hosho: we can make a second meeting about it when barney is here too.
[14:58] Ahmad Hosho: Bibi: good topic.
[14:58] You: kk
[14:58] Breez Charron: I understand animal instinct but I dont think I'd like walking around shedding everywhere is my cup of tea
[14:58] Antony Chihuly: i cant stay for that part ahmad
[14:58] Antony Chihuly: i got stuff to sort
[14:58] Ahmad Hosho: np antony, and btw, avatars are not only human and animals.
[14:59] Ahmad Hosho: :)
[14:59] Sidda Leigh: I cannot stay either...i have to go to a meeting for my son
[14:59] Areal Loonie: i wonder which of us looks most like their AV...
[14:59] Alex54 Zsigmond: me too...and i would be worthless, i don't have a clue about it, so i will leave it to the experts at hand.....
[14:59] Antony Chihuly: i know i saw a lego webslinger on the beach the other day lol
[14:59] You: lol
[15:00] Ahmad Hosho: alex: may be this is why it is easy to be hacked :) some basic information will never hurt.
[15:00] Ahmad Hosho: dont u agree lab? :)
[15:00] You: yea.
[15:00] Ahmad Hosho: the meeting is over btw :)
[15:00] Saysha Riggles: cya Sidda
[15:00] Sidda Leigh: thank u all for coming and hope to see you again