Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3rd life meeting 1.0

Second Life as a Cultural Exchange Platform.
In 19th Feb, 2008. 2pm-3pm SLT. Bibi's Cafe.
  • In our Second Lives, becoming educated about new cultures and countries is part of our every day encounters whether we strive for this or not.
  • .Have you ever found yourself in a RL situation where you spoke knowledgeably about a country you have never visited based on your SL experiences?
  • .In doing so, have you found your listeners dubious about your enthusiasm and factual information as you have never traveled to the places of which you speak in RL, and as your facts come from the Internet or SL only, have you ever been made to feel odd?
  • .How is SL a game? How is it not? What does SL do for us in learning about one another? What does it teach us about our own cultures, as well as others?
  • . What can we do to develp SL to facilitate learning about one another? Should we? Or, is it better to leave SL as it is and us to our own devices?

There was the first 3rd life "meeting" today, where we discussed how our second life was like our first and how we could use both of them to make a better "3rd" life.
i have to log of what was said at the meeting here:

What is the 3rd life?
[14:04] Ahmad Hosho: The event is starting :)
[14:04] Labproject3 Spitteler: yay. :)
[14:04] Rafale Kamachi: :-)
[14:07] Tycho Spyker: so what is meant by 3rd life?
[14:07] Ahmad Hosho: i am looking at the invitation now acutally
[14:07] Mollie Serevi: hey Teegin
[14:07] Tycho Spyker: is it the merging of SL and RL?
[14:07] Teegin Otoole: hi
[14:08] Ahmad Hosho: tycho : may be yes
[14:08] Lila Utu: 3rd life is what your avatar plays on his/her computer :)
[14:08] Ahmad Hosho: tycho: i think it is a trial to find some useful ideas for SL
[14:08] Mollie Serevi: lol Lila
[14:08] You: lol lila
[14:08] Tycho Spyker: lol
[14:08] Sidda Leigh: Hello Tycho
[14:08] Sidda Leigh: :)
[14:08] Ahmad Hosho: lila: i have a labtop in secondlife, to play 3rd life
[14:08] Tycho Spyker: Hi Sidda
[14:08] Sidda Leigh: Hi Elf
[14:08] Sidda Leigh: :0
[14:09] Lila Utu: cool, AHmad :)
[14:09] Ahmad Hosho: ;)
[14:09] Mollie Serevi: hi Elf
[14:09] Tycho Spyker: nice
[14:09] Sidda Leigh: Hey Teegin :):)
[14:09] Teegin Otoole: hi!
[14:09] Tamsin Congrejo: so what do you do in your third life then? same as in second? playing a fourth life? are you trying to make yourself living forever with playing a million lifes?
[14:09] You: that sound cool.
[14:09] Tycho Spyker: so Ahmad, you see this as more than an extension of RL, something separate to be used in a different manner?
[14:09] Mara Chevalier: AHMAD :)))
[14:10] Labproject3 Spitteler: what if one of them died?
[14:10] Bibi Book: Hi Mara and Julian
[14:10] Julian Vesta: hi everyone
[14:10] Sidda Leigh: viv
[14:10] Ahmad Hosho: tamsin: 3rd life may mean just a better life as a result of living 2 lives
[14:10] Mara Chevalier: hi bibi
[14:10] Lila Utu: I haven't seen you in awhile, I guess, Ahmad - your avatar has a very different appearance
[14:10] Sidda Leigh: Messalina hello
[14:10] Elf Carver: hi guys...
[14:10] Elf Carver: BRB
[14:10] Mara Chevalier: Elf :
[14:10] Sidda Leigh: ok let me get situated here lol
[14:10] Ahmad Hosho: tycho: it is a conceptual name, i see 3rd life as a name given to express a better social life
[14:11] Julian Vesta: hey Barney!!
[14:11] Sidda Leigh: hey mara
[14:11] Sidda Leigh: :)
[14:11] Lila Utu: Hi Julian!
[14:11] Mara Chevalier: SIDDDDSSSSS
[14:11] Sidda Leigh: :D
[14:11] Mara Chevalier: xox hi gal
[14:11] Julian Vesta: Lila!!!
[14:11] Sidda Leigh: hey there
[14:11] Lila Utu: hugs
[14:11] Tamsin Congrejo: hi at new arrivals
[14:11] Tycho Spyker: makes sense, Ahmad
[14:11] Julian Vesta: nice to see you
[14:11] Ahmad Hosho: or on another word: what did we learn from both lives.. and how to find solutions for our 2nd life and 3rd life
[14:12] Ahmad Hosho: hello mara, vivi, elf messa
[14:12] Tycho Spyker: well, since there are real people behind the avatars, perhaps living life differently from what they are able to in 1st life
[14:12] Messalina Messerchmitt: Hi Ahmad
[14:12] Tycho Spyker: a new social environment and enrichment of RL can certainly stem from that
[14:12] Sidda Leigh: How so Tycho?
[14:12] Labproject3 Spitteler: neat

How does SL enrich RL to you?
[14:12] Sidda Leigh: How does SL enrich RL to you?
[14:13] Tycho Spyker: because socializing is socializing
[14:13] Ahmad Hosho: tycho: may be this is what is called virtual cultre?
[14:13] Sidda Leigh: :)
[14:13] Sidda Leigh: yes
[14:13] Tycho Spyker: to be specific, i live alone right now
[14:13] Labproject3 Spitteler: i quit getting angry and killing people.
[14:13] Sidda Leigh: yes?
[14:13] You: lol jk
[14:13] Lila Utu: is there a format to the discussion so we aren't alking on top of each other?
[14:13] Mollie Serevi: I love meeting people from different places/cultures
[14:13] Tycho Spyker: as do i
[14:13] Sidda Leigh: its very loose Lila
[14:13] Tycho Spyker: some places have a "soapbox"
[14:13] Tycho Spyker: but i see none here
[14:14] Ahmad Hosho: the topic: Second Life as a Cultural Exchange Platform
[14:14] Bibi Book: Mollie; I thing, that is one of the most important things
[14:14] Ahmad Hosho: a question to stat with will be: Have you ever found yourself in a RL situation where you spoke knowledgeably about a country you have never visited based on your SL experiences?
[14:14] Bibi Book: think
[14:14] Teegin Otoole: no
[14:14] Tamsin Congrejo: anser:no
[14:14] Tamsin Congrejo: sorry typo
[14:14] Sidda Leigh: I have Ahmad
[14:14] Julian Vesta: I have
[14:14] Mollie Serevi: of course
[14:14] Tycho Spyker: no, but i have learned more about some cultures
[14:15] Sidda Leigh: And yes Mollie this is what this is about...the impact of meeting other cultures
[14:15] Elf Carver: back
[14:15] Sidda Leigh: I have learned a great deal about other cultures from SL
[14:15] Labproject3 Spitteler: same as tycho here.
[14:15] Sidda Leigh: and it has defined for me what I am as an American
[14:15] Ahmad Hosho: sidda: like what?
[14:15] Nizzy Lusch: Hi everybody!!! :D :D :D
[14:15] Mollie Serevi: right, the media in the us provides a skewed view of the world
[14:15] Vivid Nikolaidis: HoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!
[14:16] Sidda Leigh: by that I mean...it gives me a persepective of what it is to be an American from the viewpoints of others
[14:16] Labproject3 Spitteler: yeah
[14:16] Messalina Messerchmitt: Hi Nizzy!
[14:16] Sidda Leigh: agreed Mollie
[14:16] Labproject3 Spitteler: nizzy!
[14:16] Sidda Leigh: skwered or limitecd
[14:16] Sidda Leigh: limited
[14:16] Mollie Serevi: yes very narrow
[14:16] Nizzy Lusch: Hi Labsy :)
[14:16] Teegin Otoole: hi vivid
[14:16] Rafale Kamachi: For a start I would be interested to know where everyone comes from.
[14:16] Rafale Kamachi: I am French
[14:16] Ahmad Hosho: i mean i would like to read an example about something u used to know .. and secondlife has changed ur view about it.
[14:16] Vivid Nikolaidis: teeg
[14:16] Tycho Spyker: i agree, sidda, especially when it comes to things such as the constitution
[14:16] Messalina Messerchmitt: I am English
[14:16] Alcofribas Ninetails: Yes
[14:17] Ahmad Hosho: i am egyptian.
[14:17] Teegin Otoole: i take that back, I have learned about other cultures
[14:17] Alcofribas Ninetails: hi
[14:17] Julian Vesta: Brazilian
[14:17] Ahmad Hosho: hi alfocfribas
[14:17] Sidda Leigh: well as an example Ahmad I have learned a great deal about the German culture from my friend, Rraurgrimm
[14:17] Tycho Spyker: wow, so many countries right here
[14:17] Sidda Leigh: and I think he has learned from me
[14:17] Tycho Spyker: where else can you get that?
[14:17] Rafale Kamachi: No, not so many countries.
[14:17] Vivid Nikolaidis: I learned I have no accent
[14:17] Mollie Serevi: it's not easy
[14:17] Rafale Kamachi: For the moment only 5.
[14:17] Teegin Otoole: LMAO
[14:17] Mollie Serevi: lol Viv
[14:18] Tycho Spyker: hehe
[14:18] Elf Carver: lol no accents in sl?
[14:18] Sidda Leigh: u do have an accent viv lol...its an american accent roflrofl
[14:18] Mara Chevalier: i learned how to bake square cupcakes
[14:18] Alcofribas Ninetails: Yes
[14:18] Vivid Nikolaidis: you mean plain white bread
[14:18] Mollie Serevi: I was telling Ahmad yesterday that I have learned a lot about S. Africa... had no idea about the issues in that country
[14:18] Ahmad Hosho: i find good information in form of visuals about other cultres here.
[14:18] Julian Vesta: well , i'm a musician....and i've done a lot of concerts in SL playing brazilian music and sound very different to a lot of people.
[14:18] Sidda Leigh: yes like what Mollie?
[14:18] Tamsin Congrejo: i learned a lot about egypt *lol*
[14:18] Alcofribas Ninetails: Jajaja
[14:18] Tamsin Congrejo: :-)
[14:18] Tamsin Congrejo: AFTER i was in egypt
[14:18] Tamsin Congrejo: !!!!
[14:18] Elf Carver: i love brazilian music
[14:18] Tamsin Congrejo: thanks to ahmad :-)
[14:18] Alcofribas Ninetails: And I like when you are nake
[14:18] Mollie Serevi: crime rate, power cuts, corrupt politicians Sidda
[14:18] Nizzy Lusch: I have learned that Egyptians tend to be silly people ;)
[14:18] Alcofribas Ninetails: naked
[14:19] Julian Vesta: But now i'm teaching some friends, tellin histories about the composers, musicians, etc
[14:19] Mollie Serevi: great Julian
[14:19] Ahmad Hosho: nizzy: good it looks very close to egypt
[14:19] Nizzy Lusch: Nahm Nahm Nahm!
[14:19] Julian Vesta: but i felt some prejudice as well
[14:19] Alcofribas Ninetails: Nice
[14:19] Elf Carver: where Julian?
[14:19] Sidda Leigh: I have learned a lot about Egypt too as knowing AHmad has spurred me to read about it and become more famiiar with it not only geographically but istorically
[14:19] Vivid Nikolaidis: I learned that space cakes are not from space
[14:19] Ahmad Hosho: but one thing, when someone speaks about a country says : america. someone may say no u are wrong. do u feel shy to say u have learn that in secondlife?
[14:20] Tycho Spyker: yes
[14:20] Vivid Nikolaidis: amsterdam
[14:20] Elf Carver: uhmmm good question
[14:20] Sidda Leigh: I do Ahmad
[14:20] Mara Chevalier: HoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!
[14:20] Tycho Spyker: because there is a misconception of SL among most of my friends
[14:20] Sidda Leigh: yes
[14:20] Tycho Spyker: and peers
[14:20] You: yeah
[14:20] Alcofribas Ninetails: Mine too
[14:20] Sidda Leigh: yes agreed Tycho
[14:20] Mara Chevalier: joint
[14:20] Elf Carver: yeah me too they dont know about SL i have no time to explain it
[14:20] Mollie Serevi: I found out people around the world know more about the US presidential race than I do
[14:20] Sidda Leigh: lol Molli
[14:20] Elf Carver: lol
[14:20] Tycho Spyker: yes, they do pay attention to what goes on here
[14:20] Julian Vesta: you know....music is a great part of the cultural definition of "the self" and people used to mix the things: music and origin
[14:20] Barney Boomslang: btw: current song is "Der Fremde" and is about someone who had to leave his home and came to a land where he is not accepted by the people around. "I'm a stranger here, but not a friend"
[14:20] Tycho Spyker: but in their own countries as well
[14:21] Ahmad Hosho: i have to say when i joined 2nd life at first, i wanted to leave it.. but acutally what made me stays that i have met a lot of different people who taught me a lot of stuff about their RL
[14:21] Alcofribas Ninetails: I wish to see some photos of you
[14:21] Alcofribas Ninetails: Madame
[14:21] Tycho Spyker: i've found that in general, a lot of other cultures are more politically aware than our own
[14:21] Sidda Leigh: yes and that is intensely interesting to me because I really enjoy learning about the perespective of oter countries on America
[14:21] Mollie Serevi: me too Ahmad
[14:21] Tycho Spyker: (being American)
[14:21] Labproject3 Spitteler: meeting new people was more of a perk for me.
[14:21] Elf Carver: there is so much text here... i really feel foreignn now
[14:21] Elf Carver: :)
[14:21] Ahmad Hosho: to learn about other cultres is not by talk only. here we have a small example of RL social life.. not the same yes. but too close
[14:21] Mollie Serevi: :)
[14:21] Messalina Messerchmitt: Love the music!
[14:21] Julian Vesta: lol, Elf
[14:22] Lila Utu: I am having trouble keeping up with the discussion as well
[14:22] Elf Carver: me too plus i have a mild case of ADD
[14:22] Labproject3 Spitteler: lol
[14:22] Tycho Spyker: tip: just pick a topic you see scrolling by and jump in
[14:22] Elf Carver: lets dance :)
[14:23] Ahmad Hosho: hint: we still speak about if u feel shy to say u have learn something about other cultres in SL.
[14:23] Elf Carver: i do man
[14:23] Julian Vesta: well, there's good and bad people all over the world. I learn from the good ones :-)
[14:23] Rafale Kamachi: I don't.
[14:23] Labproject3 Spitteler: sl helps me talk to people easier, ive noticed this in rl too.
[14:23] Tycho Spyker: absolutely, Lab
[14:23] Elf Carver: i learn from the bad ones too :)
[14:23] Mollie Serevi: ok... here's something... I was talking with some Australians last week bout their prime minister's apology to the aboriginal people
[14:23] Rafale Kamachi: On the contrary it is often cause of a joke with my friends.
[14:23] Mollie Serevi: and was talking about our own problesm like that in the US
[14:24] Tycho Spyker: the racial tensions, reparations, yes
[14:24] Lila Utu: my alt makes different friends - she is more outgoing - lol
[14:24] Mollie Serevi: :) Lila
[14:24] Sidda Leigh: why is taht Lila?
[14:24] Julian Vesta: SL is a terapist chair...:-)
[14:24] Tycho Spyker: it certainly can be
[14:24] Ahmad Hosho: therapist chair?
[14:24] Barney Boomslang: my alts are lazy bums and hide on the asset server to avoid working
[14:24] Labproject3 Spitteler: lol lila
[14:24] Lila Utu: I am closer to the RL personality
[14:24] Teegin Otoole: LMAO
[14:24] Sidda Leigh: lol Barney
[14:25] Teegin Otoole: barney -- good one
[14:25] Lila Utu: the alt is more teh projected ideal of fearlessness
[14:25] Lila Utu: lol barney

Does Egypt only has one camel?
[14:25] Tycho Spyker: well, if we speak of cultures as more than the boundaries of nations
[14:25] Tycho Spyker: there are many subcultures here as well
[14:25] Sidda Leigh: What have you learned about your own culture as a result of meeting others in SL?
[14:26] Sidda Leigh: yes good point tycho
[14:26] Elf Carver: (i feel like i'm at a family reunion, where i dont lnow anybody)
[14:26] Mollie Serevi: good question Sidda
[14:26] Sidda Leigh: wow that i nice elf
[14:26] Ahmad Hosho: a lot of subculties has made visual forms in secondlife.
[14:26] Mollie Serevi: hi Gian
[14:26] Sidda Leigh: a reunion very nice
[14:26] Gianluca Randt: Hi All
[14:26] Lila Utu: have learned that as an American we should have been encouraged in school to learn more languages -- most Europeans seem to speak several languages
[14:26] Elf Carver: from my own culture.... i dont know
[14:26] Gianluca Randt: Hi Mollie
[14:26] Tycho Spyker: i've learned that I take a lot of things for granted, as an american
[14:26] Sidda Leigh: i agree Lila
[14:26] Messalina Messerchmitt: Does anyone find they are stereotyped when you tell someone where you are from?
[14:27] Labproject3 Spitteler: agree with tycho
[14:27] Bibi Book: What was interesting for me: I have much more in common wit north african people, people from australie or whereever than with people from US, though they are said to have our culture
[14:27] Sidda Leigh: yes in some ways Messa
[14:27] Elf Carver: i learn what other people think of my culture here, their opwn perseption
[14:27] Mollie Serevi: I agree with Tycho
[14:27] Ahmad Hosho: i personally have learn that everyone thinks egypt has camels. which i personally saw 2 or 3 camels in my life, and was out of egypt.
[14:27] Julian Vesta: well, nobody thinks i'm an indian anymore....:-)
[14:27] Messalina Messerchmitt: Like people think that all English people live in London
[14:27] Mollie Serevi: LOL Ahmad
[14:27] Lila Utu: lol Julian
[14:27] Tycho Spyker: i always tend to get along with Aussies, Bibi
[14:27] Mara Chevalier: erm they do right ahmad?
[14:27] You: eypgt doesnt have camels?
[14:27] Tycho Spyker: i thought i was the only one ;)
[14:27] Nizzy Lusch: It's because you sit inside and play SL all day Ahmad
[14:27] Tamsin Congrejo: lol
[14:27] Sidda Leigh: I find myself, as an American, quickly making jokes about Bush in order to make sure I am understood as a non supporter
[14:27] Labproject3 Spitteler: lol
[14:27] Elf Carver: LOL Ahmad TY for destroing that ilusion for me
[14:28] Tamsin Congrejo: egypt has like ONE camel
[14:28] Lila Utu: lol me too sidda
[14:28] Sidda Leigh: lol Lila
[14:28] Tycho Spyker: LOL, Sidda
[14:28] Ahmad Hosho: tamsin went to egypt, ask her
[14:28] Sidda Leigh: I DO
[14:28] Ahmad Hosho: :P
[14:28] Elf Carver: Sidda we all know you have a support Bush signn in your yard in RL
[14:28] Ahmad Hosho: oh i am worried if india has no elephants
[14:28] Tamsin Congrejo: as i said, theres is one camel next to the pyramids of gizeh and thats it
[14:28] Labproject3 Spitteler: lol
[14:28] Ahmad Hosho: and we just thought it has
[14:28] Sidda Leigh: rofl very funny elf
[14:28] Elf Carver: LOL
[14:28] Tycho Spyker: the only camel in egypt, eh?
[14:29] Anisha Kawashima is Offline
[14:29] Nizzy Lusch: Is it the beer drinking camel? I saw an Egyptian camel on tv, and it only drank beer
[14:29] Tamsin Congrejo: yeah and it costs 10 egyptian pounds to sit on it. another 10 pounds to take a picture of it.
[14:29] Tycho Spyker: LOL
[14:29] Sidda Leigh: so that tells me something different about America these days
[14:29] Elf Carver: what is that sidda?
[14:29] Sidda Leigh: the fact that I feel the need to explain myself right away when I meet someone from abother country
[14:29] Tycho Spyker: what's that, Sidda?
[14:29] Sidda Leigh: sorry about te lag typing
[14:29] Tycho Spyker: ah
[14:29] Ahmad Hosho: nizzy: in tv is more real then :P
[14:29] Lila Utu: bush is trying hard to find something, anything , to leave behind as his legacy -- and all we see of his "legacy" is the turds he dropped along the way
[14:29] Tycho Spyker: i don't really
[14:29] Leekaren Deerhunter is Offline
[14:29] Tycho Spyker: there are so many other things to talk about
[14:30] Tycho Spyker: music, art, technology
[14:30] Ahmad Hosho: elf: u are welcome
[14:30] Elf Carver: :) Ahmad
[14:30] Tycho Spyker: and these are universal
[14:30] Nizzy Lusch: Well, it could have been fake I guess, like the moon landing and stuff
[14:30] Sidda Leigh: well I think that Americans are finding themselves in a diff position now
[14:30] Sidda Leigh: but that is another topic
[14:30] Bibi Book: Sidda: makes it think you, that not only arabian people do not like the US govenment?
[14:31] Sidda Leigh: really....its about how we learn from ontanother here
[14:31] Ahmad Hosho: tamsin: yes, it is done for tourists
[14:31] Tamsin Congrejo: i know ahmad *lol*
[14:31] Ahmad Hosho: they all come asking for camels
[14:31] Ahmad Hosho: big part of them*
[14:31] Sidda Leigh: well Bibi I know a lot of americans thatdo not like our govet right now
[14:31] Elf Carver: i grew up in Central America i'm 40 never remeber America as being the most loved country in the world

Only Americans perform life music in SL? Huh?
[14:31] Julian Vesta: well, there's one thing about music....i don't see musicians outside the US playing songs from their country....it's hard to find "cultural" songs
[14:31] Elf Carver: my own personal experience
[14:31] Lila Utu's experience with Camels is it was a brand she used when she used to smoke
[14:31] Ahmad Hosho: tamsin: 10 pounds to take picture with? oh i need to be a cample now
[14:31] Labproject3 Spitteler: yeah elf.
[14:32] Barney Boomslang: julian: yeah, I would love more regional tunes from people.
[14:32] Sidda Leigh: so SL DOES teach us a lot about ourselves
[14:32] Sidda Leigh: that issomethingi did not expect
[14:32] Mollie Serevi: I'm having a hard time following the conversation...
[14:32] Sidda Leigh: and it teaches us things about other cultures
[14:32] Barney Boomslang: I loved when that band from africa played some songs - it was great.
[14:32] Sidda Leigh: i did notexpect that when i came to SL
[14:32] Elf Carver: Sidda you are so right
[14:32] Labproject3 Spitteler: from the views of other people.
[14:32] Barney Boomslang: and when jamba had his african friend over for a visit
[14:32] Ahmad Hosho: hint: for who can't follow conversation: click history botton.. bigger page.
[14:32] Lila Utu: anyone logging this? can send a notecard later?
[14:32] Tamsin Congrejo: i think i need some sleep everybody. th ank you for the nice discussion i hope to see you all again at some point!
[14:32] Labproject3 Spitteler: i am logging this.

America or USA?
[14:33] Bibi Book: May I ask somehting: why do sepacialy US people so often say "America" of their country? there is south and nort america dnd many countries in both
[14:33] Ahmad Hosho: hint: me and lab are logging it.
[14:33] Sidda Leigh: I will save it Lila
[14:33] Sidda Leigh: ok goodie Ahmad
[14:33] Mollie Serevi: I always say US
[14:33] Mollie Serevi: never America
[14:33] Lila Utu: I say US usually too
[14:33] Tycho Spyker: yeah, same here
[14:33] Labproject3 Spitteler: good question bibi.
[14:33] Labproject3 Spitteler: i say america. lol
[14:33] Tamsin Congrejo: well...good night :D
[14:33] Julian Vesta: yes, Barney....sometimes i just wanna listen to new songs, new ways to play....not just the worldwide radio songs
[14:33] Sidda Leigh: I say USA
[14:33] Mollie Serevi: bye Tasmin
[14:33] Barney Boomslang: SL would give such a great opportunity to get more regional music presented to people who maybe would never actually listen to it in RL
[14:33] Tycho Spyker: Night Tamsin
[14:34] Julian Vesta: that's right Barney
[14:34] Messalina Messerchmitt: Bye Tansin
[14:34] Barney Boomslang: instead we get the 1000th cover song artist *sigh*
[14:34] Lila Utu: Barney - yes, between you and Henrietta - I have gotten to hear some wonderful music I wouldn't have known how to find
[14:34] Julian Vesta: sometimes, musicians think that they HAVE to sing in english
[14:34] Bibi Book: Barney: yes, and we even can have more local things
[14:34] Ahmad Hosho: bye tamsin
[14:34] Gianluca Randt: Well, personal
[14:34] Lila Utu: and to hear Julian, and so many of the musicians here
[14:34] Barney Boomslang: lila: yeah, hen is crazy in that regard. she kicks my ass with her music collection anytime easily :)
[14:34] Lila Utu: :)
[14:34] Bibi Book: A friend brought me a spain musician and I hope she will sing local things hre some time
[14:35] Julian Vesta: out of topis: Barney, i wanna know Henrietta
[14:35] Elf Carver: i find myself having more in common with people that i meet here in SL, that with friends o people i know from my home land
[14:35] Bibi Book: local from her spanish region - not spanish mainstream
[14:35] Sidda Leigh: why elf?
[14:35] Sidda Leigh: :)
[14:35] Elf Carver: we speak the same "language"
[14:36] Sidda Leigh: tell me ho
[14:36] Ahmad Hosho: may be a good ida is to speak about the embassies opening in SL. as the swedish embassy
[14:36] Barney Boomslang: julian: just listen for the area with the most swearwords. and if that's a club and a cute fairy just got ejected and banned from that club, the chances are high that this fairy is h en ;)
[14:36] Tycho Spyker: probably because SL attracts the same types of people
[14:36] Elf Carver: i'm more open to new ideas and stuff
[14:36] Ahmad Hosho: i have learn some stuff about sweden country when i visited their embassy
[14:36] Sidda Leigh: :)
[14:36] Lila Utu: rofl barney
[14:36] You: alsowith people from all over there world here, the chances of finding people similar to u is greater.
[14:36] Julian Vesta: ok, Barney :-)
[14:36] Lila Utu: Tycho - I object to being called a "type"
[14:37] Sidda Leigh: that is an interesting comment to me Lab
[14:37] Tycho Spyker: i haven't been to any SL embassies, Ahmad, but I will go now that i know of them
[14:37] Tycho Spyker: LOL
[14:37] Labproject3 Spitteler: just the odds right?
[14:37] Sidda Leigh: because having people from al over he world...so different...and finding people that have so much in common
[14:37] Tycho Spyker: not a single type, but a broad collection of thinking people
[14:37] Lila Utu: I can talk to "kids" here that don't know I am same age as their mom
[14:37] Ahmad Hosho: tycho: this is another point. when i go to embassies i find only the people of their countries are the most there.
[14:37] Sidda Leigh: it says that we are all not so much different than we may think
[14:37] Labproject3 Spitteler: yeah its neat. :)
[14:37] Lila Utu: and we have more common ground thn we may have suspected at frist
[14:37] Elf Carver: i'm at work these rl people are interrupting my SL life... gosh
[14:37] Sidda Leigh: yes agreed Lila
[14:38] Tycho Spyker: that is strange
[14:38] Sidda Leigh: rofl elf
[14:38] Ahmad Hosho: it seems to me like: embassies tells about themselvies inside their own countries.
[14:38] Teegin Otoole: [[Laughing Out Loud]] @ elf
[14:38] Ahmad Hosho: elf: so sorry to hear.
[14:38] Lila Utu: bollywood music -- wohoo
[14:38] Elf Carver: (ty for you compasion guys)
[14:38] Sidda Leigh: Elf...dance with Sidda?
[14:39] Lila Utu: totally off topic - I want to find a bhangra animation
[14:39] Elf Carver: i would loveto
[14:39] CaptCuddles Boa is Offline
[14:39] Ahmad Hosho: this is the point of 3rd life group at least, to gather different cultres to exchange and talk. may be to discuss our world problems too.
[14:39] Sidda Leigh: Soooooo should SL do anything to facilitate learning about one another? or are we doing ok by ourselves?
[14:40] Lila Utu: the latter
[14:40] Lila Utu: that is teh beauty of SL
[14:40] Sidda Leigh: we are doing ok?
[14:40] Lila Utu: we find the common ground on our own
[14:40] Sidda Leigh: :):)
[14:40] Julian Vesta: SL its a good start

Are Second Life residents a sample of their cultures?
[14:40] Barney Boomslang: *shrug* SL is just a whiteboard, what you put on it is up to you
[14:40] Lila Utu: exactly
[14:40] Mollie Serevi: yes I agree
[14:40] Nizzy Lusch: When there's no imposed order, natural order tends to kick in, I think
[14:41] Labproject3 Spitteler: yeah nizzy. :)
[14:41] Bibi Book: waht is natural order for you Nizzy?
[14:41] Lila Utu: well, Nizzy - did you read Lord of the FLies?
[14:41] Sidda Leigh: hehe Lila
[14:41] Elf Carver: right what is the natural order in SL?
[14:41] Nizzy Lusch: It is when things settle themselves without the need of applying force
[14:41] Sidda Leigh: good one
[14:41] Barney Boomslang: hehe, yeah, "natural order" can be icky and frightening ;)
[14:41] Elf Carver: i saw the movie
[14:41] Julian Vesta: you know....i live in a poor country, i'm thinking about the people that maybe will never see SL....they even have a computer...
[14:41] Labproject3 Spitteler: it s a pettern in the way people think.
[14:42] Labproject3 Spitteler: and behave
[14:42] Elf Carver: Julian... right
[14:42] You: pattern*
[14:42] Julian Vesta: so, this is a "middle class" culture
[14:42] Bibi Book: I think, it depends on waht peopke, and we are humans, think a "natural" order is
[14:42] Elf Carver: they dont care about SL they want food
[14:42] Barney Boomslang: julian: yeah, that's something we should keep in mind. we here are not "typical" - in most countries nobody will know about SL. Well, sure there might be a few thousand, but calculated on the whole population, that's just a statistical error
[14:42] Sidda Leigh: good popint Julian
[14:42] Elf Carver: same as where i come from
[14:42] Tycho Spyker: it almost has to be middle class, doesn't it?
[14:42] Barney Boomslang: we are not the "typical" resident of our cultures
[14:42] Lila Utu: yes Julian - teh poor don't have a computer and the rich are too busy making sure no one steals their money
[14:43] Sidda Leigh: agreed Bibi and Julian
[14:43] Labproject3 Spitteler: which lets u back to how we can take things for granted again elf.
[14:43] Tycho Spyker: using SL requires broadband internet, generally only available in urban/suburban areas
[14:43] Barney Boomslang: for one all of us have to be rather crazy and weird to actually _ be_ in a 3D virtual world to start with.
[14:43] Elf Carver: i was lucky to have a talent that people thought was worth something...
[14:43] Nizzy Lusch: Well, I think it's a really basic, common thing. If you're around people you don't fit in with, you go elsewhere to find people you do fit in with. It happens automatically
[14:43] Tycho Spyker: and a decent computer and free time
[14:43] Sidda Leigh: ROFL barney yes i was thinking that oo
[14:43] Julian Vesta: you know, i talk about "samba" but the real samba lives in the favelas
[14:43] Ahmad Hosho: tycho: i use DSL.
[14:44] Sidda Leigh: hahaha we all do have the comomona *crazy* factor of being here in the first place
[14:44] Tycho Spyker: Ahmad: as do i, but i tried SL on other connections such as satellite and it's not really usable
[14:44] Sidda Leigh: erm...common
[14:44] Elf Carver: yeah Sidda
[14:44] Tycho Spyker: Yes, i'm a Psycho Tycho
[14:44] Ahmad Hosho: so do we think the form or structure of SL visual cultre has been formed naturally?
[14:45] Tycho Spyker: ok, maybe just a little but screwy
[14:45] Tycho Spyker: Yes
[14:45] Nizzy Lusch: I think so
[14:45] Rafale Kamachi: What I find interesting is that some people forget it is a game.
[14:45] Lila Utu: you lost me AHmad
[14:45] Lila Utu: what?
[14:45] Julian Vesta: QUESTION: What part of other "culture" you CAN'T learn or get in SL?
[14:45] Elf Carver: Ahmad good question, i think we do
[14:45] Tycho Spyker: it hasn't been directed by anything other than social and economic pressures.

Is Second life a game?
[14:45] Sidda Leigh: I dont think of SL as a game
[14:45] Tycho Spyker: which is about as natural as you can get
[14:45] Barney Boomslang: julian: well, all those parts that rely on actually being there - like you said, areas that are not represented in SL at all
[14:46] Tycho Spyker: Nor do I, Sidda
[14:46] Mollie Serevi: game? no... giant chatrooom
[14:46] Elf Carver: me either Sidda
[14:46] Ahmad Hosho: i dont think there is any cultre happen by force
[14:46] Lila Utu wishes she could ask the referee for a time out to catch up
[14:46] Labproject3 Spitteler: i did at first, think it was a game, but not after starting to meet people.
[14:46] Barney Boomslang: and of course many parts that rely on senses that are not transferable over the internet - like smell or taste. foreign cooking - you can't grasp that with SL methods :)
[14:46] Ahmad Hosho: lila: i was asking if SL cultre is a natural cultre.
[14:46] Tycho Spyker: you can play it like a game
[14:46] Lila Utu: ok
[14:47] Tycho Spyker: but not everyone does, so that is one of the subcultures which exists here
[14:47] Julian Vesta: Barney, so we get just a little taste of cultures, right?
[14:47] Bibi Book: sorry, important IMs
[14:47] Rafale Kamachi: Could it be possible that one person at a time talks?
[14:47] Barney Boomslang: julian: yes, only an excerpt
[14:47] Gianluca Randt: SL can be whatever you want to make of it. Role play, mirror of RL
[14:47] Rafale Kamachi: so we can keep track of the subject?
[14:47] Tycho Spyker: heresy, Rafale
[14:47] Tycho Spyker: ;)
[14:47] Nizzy Lusch: I think it's kinda pointless to try and squeeze SL into a labelled box. I think it can be whatever people want it to be. To some people it's a game, to others a chat room, to the third a graphics tool..
[14:47] Sidda Leigh: Hello Haku
[14:47] Barney Boomslang: and even that excerpt is often twisted and hidden behind layers of pretend-to-be
[14:47] Lila Utu: the ones that "play" it tend to act out - behave as though there are no consequences
[14:47] Elf Carver: its just the way we are and work now, i have 3 or 4 guys that work for me i dont see then ever its just by Messenger
[14:47] Haku Shichiroji: allo Sidda
[14:48] Ahmad Hosho gives a hint about current subject: how SL is a game?
[14:48] Sidda Leigh: great to see you
[14:48] Tycho Spyker: very true, Elf
[14:48] Julian Vesta: i agree with you, Barney
[14:48] Elf Carver: i would suggest SL to them... but you know how that would work?
[14:48] Haku Shichiroji accepted your inventory offer.
[14:48] Tycho Spyker: I work remotely all the time, this is just a social extension of that lifestyle
[14:48] Elf Carver: we dont need 3 SL junkys at the company
[14:48] Tycho Spyker: hahaha
[14:48] Lila Utu: lol - no one to get the work done, ELf?
[14:48] Elf Carver: :)
[14:48] Nizzy Lusch: I know Ahmad, but what is that point of labels? Terms like game are just restrictive
[14:49] Labproject3 Spitteler: true
[14:49] Sidda Leigh: i suppose for each of use it is a game with the winning being what we individually expect to gain...and the losing being if we have unreal epxpectations and get hurt because of them.....as in RL
[14:49] Julian Vesta: i'd like to see people in the poor schools here in Brazil at SL....there's an educational aspect here
[14:49] Ahmad Hosho: nizzy: i dont play games on computer, except chess.
[14:49] Tycho Spyker: it depends on whether you view life itself as a game, i think
[14:49] Elf Carver: Exactly... im sending a memo right now to people at the office to stop using internt... is making me lag here
[14:49] Tycho Spyker: this is no more a "game" to me than the stock market is
[14:49] Labproject3 Spitteler: classifing things is helpful but not "labeling". does that make sense?
[14:49] Rafale Kamachi: Well I have a strong game history.
[14:49] Rafale Kamachi: To me SL is a game.
[14:50] Elf Carver: Julian, i would love that too
[14:50] Rafale Kamachi: Of a different kind than the ones I have played
[14:50] Sidda Leigh: how so Rafale?
[14:50] Rafale Kamachi: bit it is.
[14:50] Isabella Vavoom is Online
[14:50] Lila Utu: to call it a game implies there is a winner and a loser
[14:50] Sidda Leigh: what is the objective for you?
[14:50] Sidda Leigh: :)
[14:50] Rafale Kamachi: The very interesting thing about SL is the creativity it enables you to unleash
[14:50] Lila Utu: so thatdoesn't make sense to me to call it a game
[14:50] Julian Vesta: good poinht, Lila
[14:50] Ahmad Hosho runs the current topic: .How is SL a game? How is it not? What does SL do for us in learning about one another? What does it teach us about our own cultures, as well as others?
[14:50] Barney Boomslang: SL a game? No. A playground - yep. but not a game. A game would have a predefined structure, some backstory, some defined goals (or chain of goals)
[14:50] Gianluca Randt: To me, Sl is a chat room with visuals. You can be slightly involved, or fully imerse yourself
[14:50] Barney Boomslang: SL doesn't give anything like that- there is no backstory, no goals, nothing to reach - except what you define for yourself.
[14:50] Rafale Kamachi: It is also very intersting to me how a lot of people take it as a place of "meeting".
[14:51] Tycho Spyker: yes, which is why i say it attracts a certain type of people
[14:51] Ahmad Hosho: what barney says is how Lindens lab define secondlife too.
[14:51] Sidda Leigh: yes....that is why I ask Raf what his objective is....and ti can only be a game for me personally if I set my own goals for myself here
[14:51] Rafale Kamachi: a kind of refuge where they can forget RL.
[14:51] Rafale Kamachi: I am in that train of thought too, don't mistaken me.
[14:51] Lila Utu: we can create adn destroy in here -- be "gods" in a way /// lol
[14:51] Nizzy Lusch: There can be games within SL, however.
[14:51] Elf Carver: game 1 |gām| noun 1 a form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.
[14:51] CaptCuddles Boa is Online
[14:51] Ahmad Hosho: Rafale: yes ofcours.
[14:51] Lila Utu: speaking of my building here
[14:51] Rafale Kamachi: I was surprised at first but have come to accept that I, as Rafale Kamachi,
[14:51] Elf Carver: game is to small a word for the SL thing
[14:51] Julian Vesta: dictionary, Elf! :-)
[14:51] Rafale Kamachi: have a social role to play.
[14:52] Sidda Leigh: i agree it is a playground, barney
[14:52] Elf Carver: :)
[14:52] Rafale Kamachi: withing SL.
[14:52] Sidda Leigh: yes that is a role but what is yor objective?
[14:52] Rafale Kamachi: Very often I have a lost soul in tow.
[14:52] Julian Vesta: it's not a game
[14:52] Tycho Spyker: yes, but an adult playground, mostly, which is what i love about it
[14:52] Lila Utu: it is only as "competitive" as the particpants implicitly agree to in their interactions
[14:52] Ahmad Hosho: my only problem with naming SL as a game is that: it drives it to less value than how i see it deservs. where else can we meet like this and speak.
[14:52] Rafale Kamachi: alsways someone who is lost and has come to SL to find an identity of some kind.
[14:52] Sidda Leigh: what do you feel you will win with your role?
[14:52] Tycho Spyker: the lack of clear tasks or objectives precludes lazy people from taking part, i think
[14:53] Labproject3 Spitteler: i like barney description. a big whiteboard.
[14:53] Sidda Leigh: yes me too lab
[14:53] Barney Boomslang: playground: you hop in the sandbox, grab forms hit the other kids over the head with it and start a fight who gets the shovel. Game: someone tells you go there and hit those orcs over the head and grab the shovel from them - and you get points for that.
[14:53] Julian Vesta: well, it's a game for the guys that love guns...
[14:53] Tycho Spyker: (intellectually lazy, i mean)

A Camel, a sneak or a snake?
[14:53] Elf Carver: i agree with Ahmad even tho he does not own a camel
[14:53] Lila Utu: yes, taht was a good one
[14:53] Labproject3 Spitteler: lol elf
[14:53] Sidda Leigh: rofl elf
[14:53] Tycho Spyker: Ahmad, you totally need a SL camel
[14:53] Isabella Vavoom is Offline
[14:53] Sidda Leigh: that is disappointing isnt it
[14:53] Labproject3 Spitteler: lol yeah ahmad!
[14:53] Ahmad Hosho: tycho: i can make a sl sneak. at least i iknow it exist a lot in egypt
[14:54] Tycho Spyker: :)
[14:54] Ahmad Hosho: but not outside homes hehe
[14:54] Sidda Leigh: what is a sneak
[14:54] Ahmad Hosho: sidda: a cute pet
[14:54] Elf Carver: snake?
[14:54] Ahmad Hosho: snake*
[14:54] Ahmad Hosho: sorry
[14:54] Barney Boomslang: ah, a snake with bad spelling ;)
[14:54] Nizzy Lusch: A sneaking snake
[14:54] Sidda Leigh: in the US we calle it a snake...is that the egyptian spelling?
[14:54] Labproject3 Spitteler: snakes are cute?
[14:54] Julian Vesta: lol
[14:54] Elf Carver: i knew waht you meant man... forgive Sidda she is an american :)
[14:55] Ahmad Hosho: we say teeban
[14:55] Sidda Leigh: lol
[14:55] Sidda Leigh: hehe ahmad
[14:55] Elf Carver: lol
[14:55] Ahmad Hosho: it is called: teeban , in egyptian
[14:55] Labproject3 Spitteler writes that down
[14:55] Sidda Leigh: teeban or sneak
[14:55] You: sidda lol
[14:55] Julian Vesta: ok, now each one writes in their native language :-)
[14:55] Sidda Leigh: hehe
[14:55] Elf Carver: serpiente
[14:55] Sidda Leigh: he is gonna fire me if i dont stop
[14:56] Julian Vesta: serpente
[14:56] Isabella Vavoom is Online
[14:56] Elf Carver: that its cool
[14:56] Julian Vesta: ou cobra....lol
[14:56] Ahmad Hosho: sidda: no, i will just wait until u make a typo ;)
[14:56] You: sl is also good for helping me with french.
[14:56] Sidda Leigh: i will be careful
[14:56] Labproject3 Spitteler: i forgot a lot of it from not using it.
[14:56] Labproject3 Spitteler: :(
[14:56] Elf Carver: the sad part for me is that my spelling ias as bad as in my native language
[14:57] Julian Vesta: yes, i'm improving my english....lol
[14:57] Sidda Leigh: i have a friend that spent several months in the French sim and learned frech very well
[14:57] Elf Carver: i'm too Julian my writing
[14:57] Teegin Otoole: wow
[14:57] Teegin Otoole: very cool sidda
[14:57] Sidda Leigh: Solange did
[14:57] Elf Carver: plus i know a lot of new words.... like AFK
[14:57] Teegin Otoole: WOW
[14:57] Lila Utu: Ahmad -- I just went to a message board I use to find obscure item sin SL -- they tell me that Jesrad Seraph sells a camel on SL exchange :))
[14:57] Labproject3 Spitteler: i should try that
[14:57] Sidda Leigh: very good Elf
[14:57] Julian Vesta: well, i'll open a portuguese class
[14:57] Julian Vesta: lol
[14:58] Ahmad Hosho: lila: it is nice to learn about camels in SL then.
[14:58] Sidda Leigh: I have an English group for tutoring
[14:58] Labproject3 Spitteler: camels in sl is boring. lol
[14:58] Ahmad Hosho: ;)
[14:58] Lila Utu: what , no smile - ? was meant to be funny :)
[14:58] Sidda Leigh: :D
[14:58] Sidda Leigh: better?
[14:58] Ahmad Hosho: there is a winky smile after
[14:58] You: lol
[14:58] Sidda Leigh: hehe
[14:58] Lila Utu: yeah, I never know if AHmad hears my humor
[14:59] Elf Carver: Ahmad i had a camel in my inventory but got rid of it some time ago.... iwould have love to give it to you now :)
[14:59] Ahmad Hosho: lol ok
[14:59] Elf Carver: it would have been so funny
[14:59] Lila Utu: was chat lag ::)
[14:59] Sidda Leigh: i just find it hard to belive he is camelless
[14:59] Lila Utu: lol
[14:59] Sidda Leigh: sigh
[14:59] Elf Carver: i know... Hollywood lie to us all this time!!!!1
[14:59] Ahmad Hosho: if u want to know about egyptian animals and pets, look at our old drawings through pharaohs perioud.
[14:59] Tycho Spyker: yes, no one should go through SL camelless
[15:00] Sidda Leigh: agreed tycho
[15:00] Elf Carver: LOL

An international music event in SL!
[15:00] Julian Vesta: Barney, we should book an international music event...
[15:00] Lila Utu: this song playing now seems remarkably out of tune
[15:00] Lila Utu: at least in the vocals
[15:00] Tycho Spyker: it's dissonant
[15:00] Sidda Leigh: lolol
[15:01] Tycho Spyker: kind of interesting, actually
[15:01] Elf Carver: we are not used to those semitones
[15:01] Julian Vesta: "Folks Music"....lol
[15:01] Barney Boomslang: lila: well, it might come from the fact that they merge two different tune systems who are not exactly fully compatible ;)
[15:01] Lila Utu: Julina - they tried to do that -- and not enough people signed up
[15:01] Lila Utu: CYlindrian and Jule were trying to get oit going
[15:01] Isabella Vavoom is Offline
[15:01] Lila Utu: SInging Arc
[15:01] Julian Vesta: really, Lila?
[15:01] Lila Utu: Juel
[15:01] Lila Utu: yes
[15:01] Tycho Spyker: really? i thought that was a done deal
[15:01] Ahmad Hosho: i have to make a topic about 2nd life music in next events :)
[15:01] Lila Utu: it fizzled out
[15:01] Julian Vesta: so bad...
[15:02] Tycho Spyker: damn, shame
[15:02] Messalina Messerchmitt: That's a shame
[15:02] Julian Vesta: well, we can try again
[15:02] Elf Carver: i love music
[15:02] Julian Vesta: :-)
[15:02] Sidda Leigh: brb yall
[15:02] Tycho Spyker: i couldn't have made it anyway, so here's one who failed to sign up
[15:02] Labproject3 Spitteler: musics....okay. lol
[15:02] Lila Utu: well, they wre trying to do it as a RL event -- in Las Vegas - and only one day - who would travel that far for a one day event
[15:02] Labproject3 Spitteler: im no musician.
[15:02] Tycho Spyker: that was kind of how i saw it
[15:03] Barney Boomslang: lila: well, that's silly. why not use SL for that kind of stuff?
[15:03] Tycho Spyker: i thought it was a great idea, but it would need more promotion
[15:03] Julian Vesta: oh no.....i can't travel
[15:03] Julian Vesta: we have to do it here
[15:03] Barney Boomslang: that way you only need to find musicians whose music you can bring inworld - either life or with some DJ events from time to time
[15:03] Lila Utu: Barney - agreed ... they should
[15:03] Tycho Spyker: heh, it does kind of defeat the point of SL to do it RL
[15:03] Tycho Spyker: still, would have been fun
[15:03] Lila Utu: Julian - yes, it really should happen in SL
[15:03] Ahmad Hosho: so : an international music event in SL?
[15:03] Barney Boomslang noticed that some artists are still far too much rooted in their RL-ideas
[15:04] Labproject3 Spitteler: oh i saw a floyd kramer house here in sl. i prob wont ever get to in rl.
[15:04] Labproject3 Spitteler: i like that.
[15:04] Lunada Kidd is Online
[15:04] Ahmad Hosho: yes, i agree.
[15:04] Ahmad Hosho: julian: i wish some people make songs about 2nd life.
[15:04] Nizzy Lusch: Sing about lag?
[15:04] Lila Utu: yes, and there is sometimes whining by the musicans about the amount fo teh tips - but - when I go to several concerts a day - the large tips start adding up to real dollars spent
[15:04] Lila Utu: from my own pocket
[15:04] Lila Utu: I dont' sell anything in SL to earn teh lindens to spend
[15:04] Elf Carver: i would like that too songs about SL things
[15:05] You: be neat yeah
[15:05] Julian Vesta: well, can i sing in portuguese? lolo
[15:05] Sidda Leigh: k back
[15:05] You: but what would u sing about?
[15:05] Barney Boomslang: hey flo :)
[15:05] Nizzy Lusch: How's this one out of tune? I think it's awesome
[15:05] Lila Utu: Hi flo!!
[15:05] florenze Kerensky: hello
[15:05] florenze Kerensky waves
[15:05] Ahmad Hosho: julian: may be one song about sl with a different language
[15:05] Sidda Leigh: hello flo
[15:05] Julian Vesta: Floooooooo!!!!
[15:05] Ahmad Hosho: hi flo!
[15:05] Lila Utu: nizzy - that was earlier
[15:05] Lila Utu: lol
[15:06] Nizzy Lusch: oh lol
[15:06] florenze Kerensky: julian!
[15:06] Tycho Spyker: it's not out of tune, it's using harmonic minor i think
[15:06] Nizzy Lusch: Sorry, went briefly afk to make tea
[15:06] florenze Kerensky: :)
[15:06] Barney Boomslang: this one is again Falik, this time "The last faery" - one of my favorites of his
[15:06] Lila Utu has perfect pitch - hurts ears when tings not in tune
[15:06] Sidda Leigh: wow nice Lila
[15:06] Sidda Leigh: or is it a curse lol
[15:06] Lila Utu: more a gift
[15:06] Sidda Leigh: :)
[15:06] Julian Vesta: maybe your ear is out of cultural tune, Lila....lol
[15:06] Elf Carver: lol
[15:06] Ahmad Hosho: You are welcome to subscribe in 3rdlife group for more events like this one :)
[15:06] Lila Utu: well you may have a point Julian
[15:07] Julian Vesta: :-)
[15:07] Lila Utu: :)
[15:07] Julian Vesta: AXIAL!!!!!!
[15:07] Barney Boomslang: yeah, I heard oriental tunes first time when I went to crete years ago - was quite strange at first. but somehow it stuck and I really like some of it now.
[15:07] Julian Vesta: oh Barney...they're my friends here
[15:07] Lila Utu nods
[15:08] Julian Vesta: papaloko
[15:08] Lila Utu: the Indianraags are quite fascinating - and unusual - at first
[15:08] Barney Boomslang: julian: :D
[15:08] Lila Utu: now I really enjoy them a lot
[15:08] Barney Boomslang: it's lovely music, julian :)
[15:08] Ahmad Hosho: hello gianluca
[15:08] Labproject3 Spitteler: never heard them
[15:08] Barney Boomslang: labproject: well, that's something I hear quite often about the tunes I DJ, hehe
[15:08] Julian Vesta: yes, they're great...
[15:08] Sidda Leigh: lol barney
[15:09] Barney Boomslang: #and the fun part is: most of the tunes are either CC licensed or otherwise free downloads
[15:09] Julian Vesta: yes
[15:09] Labproject3 Spitteler: nice
[15:09] Barney Boomslang: Axial I found on garageband.com
[15:09] Julian Vesta: and they play a lot here....in big festivals
[15:09] Elf Carver: who is this singing?
[15:09] Elf Carver: i like it
[15:09] Lila Utu: we lost a few participants
[15:09] Julian Vesta: AXIAL
[15:09] Barney Boomslang thinks more people should dig through the large body of free music for DJ events - that would a) solve the stupid license problem oftentimes and b) be much more fun at events
[15:10] Elf Carver: ty Julien
[15:10] Ahmad Hosho: labproject: i think the event is done. u may send me the notecard file
[15:10] Tycho Spyker: Ahmad, on the 3rd life concept: I recently read a sci-fi book which talked about transcending humanity by uploading consciousness into a simulation
[15:10] Barney Boomslang: it's another way to meet different cultures - hear their music. and that's one thing that works great in SL
[15:10] Ahmad Hosho: tycho: what is the name of the book?
[15:10] Tycho Spyker: similar to the Matrix movies, but without the ruling AI problem, a created reality
[15:10] Sirhc Martinek is Offline
[15:10] Tycho Spyker: "woken Furies"
[15:10] Ahmad Hosho is googling
[15:10] Tycho Spyker: by Richard K. Morgan
[15:11] Ahmad Hosho: Looks interesting
[15:11] Barney Boomslang: oh my, the uploaders. you know what they never really get? if you "upload" - you either create a copy of yourself - which is independend of you - or you have to commit suicide to make the "copy" the "original". in any way, there is no forward continuity with u ploading. so no thanks, not for me :P
[15:11] Sirhc Martinek is Online
[15:11] Tycho Spyker: this is true, and that was addressed as well