Sunday, April 27, 2008

Show and Tell 28th April 2008

Today I have attended Show and Tell at Lummerland, and I thought it would be a nice idea if I show what happened there! :)

Builders who show their works today:

Follow the pictures from right to left to know who made what:

Mango Splash:

Today in fourth place today with a prize of 700 lindens!
Mango has built a library, full of books which You can browse by touching, also You can change the books pages with Your own textures. A good idea to store textures in a functional furniature.

Jesica Slade:
Jesica made a nice umbrella, which You can open and close just like a real life Umbrella, and You can change it's colors to different colors too.

Frofidor and his Sci-Fi style in building.

Frofidor Niekerk :
Today in third place today with a prize of 1000 lindens!
He made a big detailed building ( about 909 prims ) which looks very high tech, You can also drive it as a vehicle.

Laura Lyne:
made a group teleporter.

Robin Sojourner Shows a very clever sculptured build.

Robin Sojourner:
Today in first place today with a prize of 2000 lindens!
A full sculptie tea sets. Made by lightwave.

Mandy Medusa :
Today in secon place today... with a prize of 1500 lindens!
She made a full radar system, which can rezz a sculptie map for Your sim, land, and show You where avatars are, and it can do a lot of functions like to teleport to any one You see, or teleport him/her. At least this what I liked the most from all functions she has described.

Marianne McCann:
Some nice entertaining balls reacting with You by touch.

Beware Hax:
This lady made a very nice idea for clothes, she had today a prim tie and some other parts of her top part, which You can hide and show, coordinating in that with the textured clothes. Very practical solution in case You want to change Your clothes in a lagy place!

Ahmad Hosho ( ME ):
I have show my eyes ;)

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