Monday, June 23, 2008

don vids


Third Life is honored to invite you to its June 24 meeting at 2SL under the topic:

Understanding their psychology, and if there is a way to stop them?


Has anyone ever stalked You in SL? One of your friends?

Did he or she spy on You in secondlife?

Did he or she really trace your ip address and continue stalking in RL?

Did his or her threats create a virus of mind makes u scared and worried all the day?

What are secondlife stalkers, and why do they do this?

How can they be stopped?

Do you worry about your account being hacked by SL Mafia or Stalkers? Have you had an experince of when you were frightened for your account security? What about RL security?

What experiences have you had with SL griefers? How can they be dealt with effectively?

Many of us may feel more secure in SL than we really are. What actions have you taken to secure your account? Your privacy in RL?

Share from your basic knowledge and join us to speak with experts on SL Security...your comments will be appreciated.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008: 2SLT